Cutest Bugs Ever

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 4:50 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Antler-antennae Beetle

This species of Beetle is found in Belize. It has rather striking antennae for reasons that probably make sense to someone who is an expert on bugs. But for someone like myself who knows almost nothing about them, the things just look really, really cute. Good thing I'm not an expert on bugs.

Antler-antennae Beetle-Cutest Bugs Ever

2.Saddleback Caterpillar

This species of caterpillar looks like the kind of thing that your six-year-old daughter would beg you to get for her. And she would find it absolutely adorable -- until she found something else she found more adorable. But, of course, that would take a while. Because nothing else in the world looks quite like a Saddleback Caterpillar.

Saddleback Caterpillar-Cutest Bugs Ever

3.Praying Mantis

This creature got is name for the unusual "praying" position of its hands. Despite its cuteness, the Praying Mantis is the lion of the insect world, meaning it is known for its voracious predatory skills. I would imagine that tiny, tasty insects in its way are probably praying for escape.

Praying Mantis-Cutest Bugs Ever


The grasshopper in this picture is a mere lad. And while he will continue to be quite attractive well into adulthood, this is about as cute as it's ever going to get. Grasshoppers can be seen all over the earth -- at least, everywhere there is grass for them to hop in.

Grasshopper-Cutest Bugs Ever

5.Pink Lady Katydid

The Pink Lady Katydid should make our list for its name alone. Oddly enough this creature's lovely hue is not so much of an advantage. It causes the insect to stand out and thus be easily recognized by predators -- unless of course it is against a backdrop of all pink as we see in the picture.

Pink Lady Katydid-Cutest Bugs Ever

6.The "Happy face" Spider

This rather upbeat bug has plenty of reason to smile. For one thing it tends to be indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands. I wonder if they can surf? And another reason for their unflappably jovial demeanor is that they know their smile is an effective way to keep from becoming some predator's lunch.

The "Happy face" Spider-Cutest Bugs Ever

7.Temognatha Alternata

Don't let the intimidating name of Temognatha Alternata scare you away. This native of Queensland Australia's moniker may sound like something ready to do battle against Godzilla, but I believe Temognatha Alternata is actually Latin for "awww, isn't that cute!" They tend to hide their antennae close to their bodies.

Temognatha Alternata-Cutest Bugs Ever


With comically bugged-out eyes, damselflies are the nerds of the insect world. They resemble dragonflies but a key difference is -- what else? -- their distinctively large eyes. Their species has survived on earth for roughly two hundred million years. Maybe it's their ability to see everything around them.

Damselflies-Cutest Bugs Ever


This particular species looks like something you'd see crawling out of a spaceship in a science fiction movie. But in fact they're more likely to be seen hopping around trees -- hence their name. Unfortunately, they don't hop for long. Treehoppers tend to live short lives, typically only a few months.

Treehopper-Cutest Bugs Ever

10.Rosy Maple Moth

Unlike most moths which tend to be a dull shade of white or grey, these little cuties are blessed with a lovely array of colors that are probably helpful with mating or at least looking really cool. If these creatures got any prettier they could pass for butterflies. They are seen throughout North America.

Rosy Maple Moth-Cutest Bugs Ever

11.Wings of Love

This is actually a particular species of beetle that has a rather romantic looking pattern on its back. It's not clear why the colors arranged themselves this way, but things change when the insect spreads its wings to fly. Its body is revealed to be shiny and a lovely shade of dark blue.

Wings of Love-Cutest Bugs Ever

12.Man-faced bug

The Man-faced bug looks like something made-up from a Pixar movie. But no, it's a real insect whose bizarre appearance can be explained as something designed to make him appear dangerous or at least foul-tasting. Personally, I have no desire to see how this creature tastes, but it is kind of cute.

Man-faced bug-Cutest Bugs Ever


Caterpillars have a number of patterns on their bodies that are meant to frighten away predators, but it's hard to imagine that something so cute could frighten away anybody. Caterpillars, of course, later evolve into the even more beautiful butterfly. But Butterflies didn't make our list because... well, does anyone consider a butterfly a bug?

Caterpillar-Cutest Bugs Ever


In addition to their ladylike appearance, ladybugs are good to have around your garden or home because they do away with pests that are not as pretty. In spite of their feminine name they come in both genders, which is a good thing because procreation would be impossible otherwise.

Ladybugs-Cutest Bugs Ever


Bees are not necessarily cute and sometimes they can be downright menacing. But with a few extra pounds, they are simply adorable. The chubby bumblebee looks like he (or she) is wearing a brightly colored sweater. This particular bumblebee probably won't sting you. In fact, if looks like it wouldn't hurt a fly.

Bumblebee-Cutest Bugs Ever



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