Creative Bow Ties

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 3:59 pm
By:Tony Williams


Just what on earth is going on here with this design? You cannot help but look at this and wonder what was going through their mind when they sat down and started to draw up this particular bow tie. To be perfectly honest it looks like two dog testicles.

Furry?-Creative Bow Ties

2.The bookworm

Well if you love reading, then how about this bow tie that is made from different pages of a book? Sure it looks a bit strange, but it is not meant to be serious, so how about having a laugh and cutting up that book you hate and turn it into something that you would actually appreciate a lot more?

The bookworm-Creative Bow Ties

3.What a corker

Now what is going to be the most fun part about making this bow tie? Actually gluing the different corks together into the pattern, or drinking the wine to get the corks? Most people would probably say the second one is the best, but ultimately it is a fun and very creative bow tie to consider wearing.

What a corker-Creative Bow Ties


How cool are these bow ties if you love a superhero? Yes they may not be that elaborate, but they are certainly creative in their own way and there is no doubt that they will raise a smile should you go ahead and buy one.

Superhero-Creative Bow Ties


Well a wooden bow tie is certainly going to be different from most examples that you could end up wearing, but surely the lack of flexibility is also going to be a bit of an issue? At least when it is made from wood you have a number of options available with color, but does this still make it perfect for every conceivable outfit?

Wood??-Creative Bow Ties

6.Film me!!

This bow tie appears to be made out of old photographic film that is then twisted and turned into this rather effective bow tie. There is something quite funky about this example and you have to say that it is actually quite cool in a strange and peculiar kind of way.

Film me!!-Creative Bow Ties


Well if you feel that pills are not going to help you medically, then why not go ahead and use them to make a special bow tie? It is strange to think that somebody would actually go out and wear this because it just looks as if the different pills would simply fall off at any given opportunity.

Pills??-Creative Bow Ties

8.The LEGO tie

Well this looks more like a toy than an actual bow tie, and you have to admit that it is quite comical to look at. This just seems to be something that even a kid could sit and make when they were bored one day, and you could hardly see it being used in the office either could you?

The LEGO tie-Creative Bow Ties


These tiny beads can indeed be put together in order to make a bow tie that ends up looking as if it was made with an old 8 bit computer back in the early days. There is something quite comical about it and you would need to be a certain type of person in order to pull it off to any great effect.

Beady-Creative Bow Ties

10.Wires and stuff

The first thing that you will probably be thinking about this bow tie is that it just does not look that nice to wear. There appears to be nothing practical about it from start to finish, but if you are a geek, then perhaps this is going to be the perfect bow tie for you.

Wires and stuff-Creative Bow Ties


Well this is certainly a different way to use up any dice that are just lying around your home, but even though it is creative and makes a statement as a bow tie what else could you say about this design? It is big, it is bold, it is in your face, and ultimately would you ever wear it?

Dice-Creative Bow Ties

12.Guitar picks

Well this bow tie is both creative and colorful even though you may struggle to work out how and when you would wear it in the first place. Clearly it takes a lot of work to get it to look like this and there are not that many places where you could wear it to any great effect, but apart from that it is certainly creative.

Guitar picks-Creative Bow Ties



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