Countries Without McDonald's

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 4:18 pm
By:Tony Williams


Montenegro's government says "no" to McDonald's but the people say "yes." In 2003, McDonald's brought a mobile restaurant into Montenegro's capital city of Podgorica. It was situated at a very popular location in the center of town, for an entire summer, and as expected it did rather well. Sadly, it was removed and the only official reason given to the citizens was that Montenegro was not prepared for it.

Montenegro-Countries Without McDonald's


Yemen doesn't have the means to sustain a business franchise like McDonald's. Yemen's economy is not the strongest. The Middle Eastern country is plagued with a run-down economy and high unemployment rates. These misfortunes make it hard for any lucrative business opportunities or foreign investments to occur. Therefore, adding a McDonald's would cause more harm to its economy than make it a profitable asset.

Yemen-Countries Without McDonald's


You won't find any Chicken McNuggets or Egg McMuffin grease in Greece. McDonald's restaurants used to be plentiful in Greece, but things have changed since then. For more than 15 years, people living in Greece could enjoy McDonald's meals, but business differences between the two led to the restaurant's demise.

Macedonia-Countries Without McDonald's

4.Vatican City

Vatican City is a gorgeous place to visit, so it's not shocking that they wouldn't want to taint the area with a McDonald's restaurant. It's one of the smallest places in the world, witha population of approximately 840 people. So if you're looking for a Big Mac, you better hightail it back on a plane to the USA.

Vatican City-Countries Without McDonald's


Barbados is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, but you won't find American fast food chain, McDonald's there. In 1996, a McDonald's restaurant opened in Barbados; it lasted for six months, but closed its doors due to poor sales. Well, at least they can still claim Rihanna.

Barbados-Countries Without McDonald's


Even Iceland has standards. In 2009, every McDonald's franchise closed its doors in Iceland due to the collapse of the Icelandic krona due to prohibitive costs of importing foreign food goods as required by McDonald's. As a result, Jon Gardar Ogmundsson, who owned one of the three McDonald's chains in the country, said he was forced to shut his doors.

Iceland-Countries Without McDonald's


McDonald's flourished in Jamaica for over a decade. But in 2005, the Caribbean country bid farewell to the fast food chain. Many cite 'lack of interest' for the reason for the restaurant's failure in the country. Several residents in the country feel McDonald's didn't do its research on the cuisine Jamaicans find attractive. But Jamaicans can still head over to Burger King if they want to get their burger fix.

Jamaica-Countries Without McDonald's


Zimbabwe is trying to find new ways to bounce back from a not-so good economy. Up until 2010, the country had no intentions of opening up a McDonald's restaurant. Talks of opening up a chain began, but McDonald's says it's still looking for the right company to run its franchise.

Zimbabwe-Countries Without McDonald's


Don't expect to grab some McDonald's if you're vacationing in Bermuda. Back in 1999, creation of the very first McDonald's had to stop due to protest and the consequent passage of a government law banning franchised restaurants in the country. Many Bermudian people felt that McDonald's cheapens any and every atmosphere it touches.

Bermuda-Countries Without McDonald's


Even the Dollar Menu might be too expensive for some people. In early 2011, the McDonald's Corporation was considering opening up several chainsof the restaurant in Ghana. Unfortunately, that plan was put on hold when it became clear that the citizens of the African country would not have enough income to become regular customers.

Ghana-Countries Without McDonald's


One upon a time, there were several McDonald's restaurants in Bolivia, sadly, that is no longer the case. McDonald's restaurants were active in the country for 14 years. However, they were shut down following anunorganized political movement to prevent the company from turning a profit. Bolivian President Evo Morales believed that McDonald's was "They are "not interested in the health of human beings, only in their earnings and corporate profits."

Bolivia-Countries Without McDonald's

12.North Korea

Kim Jong-Il might have looked like the McDonald's Hamburglar, when he was still alive, but the fast food chain is nowhere to be seen in North Korea. McDonald's cannot do business in North Korea; unless the chain wants to be sanctioned. This should come as no surprise, as North Korea isn't a very big fan of American things.

North Korea-Countries Without McDonald's



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