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Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 9:36 am
By:Tony Williams


A lot of old people can actually understand this quote, but it is also the way in which it is delivered that makes it so good. Hey you never know what is going to happen do you?

Sleeping-Best Simpsons Quotes


Homer really does have a completely different look at things, but why they went and picked out homosexuals in this quote is certainly something that only the writers will understand. However, it is still funny with the way that he does things.

Homosexuals-Best Simpsons Quotes

3.Reading addiction

The idea of reading being a bad addiction is certainly a bit different especially when Homer is equating it to his drinking habits. If that was the case, then there are probably not enough books in the world to cope.

Reading addiction-Best Simpsons Quotes


When it comes to quotes from the Simpsons are there any that are as well known as Spiderpig? Even if you are not a fan of the show you have probably heard of it and you have to say that it is absolutely brilliant and Homer is clearly enjoying himself.

Spiderpig-Best Simpsons Quotes


This quote is so good simply because of the straight face with which this bit of news is announced. You just know that he means every single part of it, so perhaps just be a bit more careful when you are eating your turkey from now on.

Turkey-Best Simpsons Quotes

6.Worst day

Yet again Homer shows how he is with the times by telling his son how things will indeed get worse, but doing so in a way that does not scare him. In actual fact he looks quite happy with his piece of advice and you can understand why.

Worst day-Best Simpsons Quotes


We all know that Homer is lazy, but this quote just sums up exactly how lazy he actually is. He has completely lost track as to the day of the week it is or perhaps he hasn't and this is just a clever ploy.

Lazy-Best Simpsons Quotes


A lot of guys will be looking at this quote and agreeing with him and that is why Homer is sometimes seen as being like a modern guru. You just hope that Bart pays attention and takes on the advice that he is getting.

Women-Best Simpsons Quotes

9.The tie

This is funny purely because of why Homer is wearing a tie because who else would go ahead and do that? It does just give you a glimpse into the world of Homer and how he views it because you can be sure that it is totally different to us.

The tie-Best Simpsons Quotes


It is cool that they tackle major issues such as religion even though they do this in their very own style. How do they manage to sum things up in just a few words? It really is quite impressive when you stop and think about it.

Religion-Best Simpsons Quotes


This quote is funny because of the way in which you can imagine the shock of something tasting like your very own grandmother. However, the other question here is how do they know what she tastes like in the first place?

Grandma-Best Simpsons Quotes

12.Best Simpsons quotes

You have to admit that at times Homer is more like a modern day philosopher than anything else because what he says here is absolutely true. How come only a yellow cartoon character can manage to put it across in this way?

Best Simpsons quotes-Best Simpsons Quotes



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