Best Roomate Pranks

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 6:08 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Scary Spiders

Stick scary spiders all over the place. This is bound to drive even the most hardened room-mate half scared to death! Convincing areas include on the sides of the toilet pedestal, on the side of sinks and of course on walls high up.

Scary Spiders-Best Roomate Pranks

2.Great Reminders

Stick post-its all over your room-mates bedroom. This not only looks great assure him or her but they can certainly come in handy later to remind him of things he has to do, but do be aware that this takes time.

Great Reminders-Best Roomate Pranks

3.Balloon Blitz

Filling a room with balloons is always a fun way to drive your room-mate crazy! You can all have the fun of popping them later, but only after they have managed to get into their room in the first place.

Balloon Blitz-Best Roomate Pranks

4.Who's That Girl!

This prank works particularly well when the apartment is filled with candle-light. Perhaps their delight at having this bombshell in the shower will wane once they see it is simply a shower curtain liner.

Who's That Girl!-Best Roomate Pranks

5.Creepy Cracks

Little cracks in the wall and peeling wall surfaces are great places to put weird faces. This type of prank is even more freaky when your poor room-mate has a hang-over and the likes of this face ends up staring back at them when they wake.

Creepy Cracks-Best Roomate Pranks


David Hasslehoff looking slinky in his undies might not be appreciated by your room-mate, which is all the more reason to make sure you plaster every bit of walls and ceiling with his sexy poster! You can repeat this with any celebrity you like, but only if they hate them in the first place.

Sleaze!-Best Roomate Pranks

7.Type Confusion

Some computers have easy to remove and refit keys, so why not pull them all off and mix them all up? This should give your room-mate a real headache and imagine their frustration if they need to do something for college.

Type Confusion-Best Roomate Pranks

8.No Easy Access

Glue the toilet lid down, that is a great way to really annoy your room-mate. There are tons of water based glues that do wash off after you are done with this cool prank!

No Easy Access-Best Roomate Pranks

9.Foam-less Soap

Painting the shower soap with clear nail polish really makes a great prank. The polish dries and the soap is useless. Sit back and hear the squeals of frustration emanating from the shower room with this being ideal if they are always in there for an eternity.

Foam-less Soap-Best Roomate Pranks

10.It's The Little Notes That Count

Leave sweet little messages all over the place for your room-mate, one of the best places to leave them is in the bathroom. You can even write a whole load of smaller messages all over the toilet paper if you are feeling inspired!

It's The Little Notes That Count-Best Roomate Pranks


Some oatmeal porridge mixed with last nights leftovers will do the trick. Make your poor unsuspecting room-mate think that someone didn't flush the chain. Spatter some around the sides of the toilet lid too for the ultimate 'Ew' factor.

Yack!-Best Roomate Pranks

12.Foil Blitz

Living with room-mates can signal some of the best times of our lives, the greatest memories and of course the biggest foil wrap ups ever known. Cheap and not difficult to do, wrapping your room-mates stuff up in foil is still one of the best pranks yet.

Foil Blitz-Best Roomate Pranks



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