Amazing Toilet Seats

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 4:38 pm
By:Tony Williams


OK so this is just a graphic, but once again imagine it at a party with a few people that have had an extra couple of drinks that has already sent them over the edge. If they then encounter a toilet seat like this it will freak them out, but at least they will make a mess of themselves in the correct room in the house.

Scary-Amazing Toilet Seats

2.Harry Potty

It is difficult to work out if this toilet seat is from somebody that is a massive fan or somebody that hates Harry Potter and decided that the best way to show their disdain was to cover their toilet seat in images from the movie. It is certainly creative and amazing in its own way, but whether you like it or not depends on what you think of the movie.

Harry Potty-Amazing Toilet Seats


This toilet seat is amazing in its simplicity because it does just sum up something that goes on there and it does it in just three words. OK it may not be the best designed toilet seat you have ever set eyes on in your life, but it will always raise a smile and as long as you are not that serious about your toilet habits it may be the perfect seat for you.

Honest-Amazing Toilet Seats


This is another one for the music lover but as you can see they have used a guitar this time. Once again the shape has been worked on to make sure that it does fit in with how a guitar should look and even though the design is relatively simple it does work very well indeed and a musician has to enjoy going to the toilet after this seat has been installed.

Guitar-Amazing Toilet Seats

5.The briefcase

It is difficult to even know where to begin with this toilet seat as there is so much going on that your eyes start to get confused as to what it sees. It appears to be as full on portable toilet disguised as a briefcase, but surely that cannot be the case? Surely we are not actually seeing this?

The briefcase-Amazing Toilet Seats

6.The piano

If you are a musician perhaps this is your idea of the perfect toilet seat cover. The fact that they have made sure that even the shape is perfect just adds to the overall sense of it being a funny, but cool toilet seat that is certainly so different to the various options out there. If you love a pianist, then how about buying it as a joke?

The piano-Amazing Toilet Seats


How about this for elegance and luxury when it comes to toilets? Yes there are some jewels on there, although do not expect them to be diamonds as that would be a bit too much, and it is undoubtedly very plush and elegant. It would almost be a shame to do your business on there, but beggars cannot be choosers.

Bejeweled-Amazing Toilet Seats


The fact that this is in a public toilet does just add to the worry you would have about going to the toilet here. Would you be terrified to sit down? Do you think it is going to hurt your delicate rear end if you do? Ok so it is just paint, but how cool is it to have this in a toilet for everybody to see and sit on?

Jaws-Amazing Toilet Seats

9.Nose holder

The best part about this toilet seat is the fact that the person has taken something that is plain and boring and turned it into something that is funny. It does mean that it is quite creative in its own little way and it is so easy to do when you are a talented artist since it is painted on. The fact it appears to be in a public toilet just makes things even better.

Nose holder-Amazing Toilet Seats

10.Fish Tank

The best part about this toilet seat is that the person has gone one step further and included an actual fish tank on the back to coincide with the fish seat. This is creativity gone a bit wild, but it is just some good honest fun and would you not be quite happy to do your thing on this toilet?

Fish Tank-Amazing Toilet Seats


This toilet is so cool thanks to it containing a series of LED lights in it and this is undoubtedly going to brighten up your toilet. The good thing is that they have not included too many, so it is not going to be overpowering and too in your face when you are trying to do your business, but it is funky and in some toilets that is going to be important.

LED-Amazing Toilet Seats

12.The Face

How funny is this toilet seat that somebody has designed? Yes it is a face, but the question for guys is whether or not this would put you off or make you more determined to hit the tongue or avoid it entirely? Imagine if somebody installed this and you did not realize it and were drunk. How freaked out would you be by it?

The Face-Amazing Toilet Seats



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