Amazing Jesus Tattoos

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 4:33 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Crucifixion 2

This tattoo is very powerful in the scene it shows as it is the point where Jesus is actually being nailed to the cross and the look on his face really does tell you everything you need to know about what is going on in his mind at that moment. This is a tattoo that must have taken a long time to work on because the detail in even the nail is outstanding.

Crucifixion 2-Amazing Jesus Tattoos


This tattoo is another brilliant example of Jesus on the cross, so it is not only showing a lot of detail in the artwork itself, but it is showing a lot of detail in the emotion attached to the scene. Almost every part has been covered in this tattoo and there is actually a lot going on, but the splash of red for blood just adds to a powerful scene resulting in a tattoo that really is brilliant.

Crucifix-Amazing Jesus Tattoos

3.Side tattoo

Look closely at this face and just check out how much work has gone into it as well as the work around the tattoo that really makes it stand out from anything else on their body. The work that has gone into this tattoo is exceptional and you would rightfully want to show this off at every given opportunity just to see the look of amazement on their face.

Side tattoo-Amazing Jesus Tattoos


OK so this tattoo is brighter because it has just been done, but it does give you the chance to really admire the work that has gone into its production and how it has captured an amazing scene showing Jesus in a different light to so many other tattoos. This one has focused on the religious side rather than the sadness and pain aspect and it has resulted in a tattoo that really does look so, so good.

Religious-Amazing Jesus Tattoos

5.Sad Jesus

How amazing is the detail in this particular tattoo? The work that has gone into it really is second to none because even the hair is full of detail and that alone helps to make the entire tattoo really stand out on its own. There is so much though that has gone into this one and it is good that it is on the back in order to get as much expression showing as possible.

Sad Jesus-Amazing Jesus Tattoos

6.Chest Jesus

This entire tattoo is seriously cool and the way in which there appears to be blood running down at the bottom just adds to the overall effect of the piece of artwork. The look on his face is one that is thoughtful, but the ray of light that appears to be behind him just helps to bring the entire tattoo to life.

Chest Jesus-Amazing Jesus Tattoos


You have to admit that this has to be one of the most realistic tattoos of Jesus that you will have ever set eyes on and the detail in it really is outstanding. This tattoo must have surely taken a long time to work on and the skill that is involved in it is amazing. Even if you are not religious you cannot help but like this tattoo.

Realistic-Amazing Jesus Tattoos

8.Modern Jesus

We have called this tattoo modern Jesus because it is certainly done in a bit of a tribal style, but is still clearly Jesus just without the full on religious connotations. This actually helps to make the tattoo very cool indeed and it should make other people think a bit more about getting this type of tattoo without worrying about it coming across as being all traditional and boring

Modern Jesus-Amazing Jesus Tattoos

9.weight massion

Ok so the detail of Jesus himself may not be the best quality you will ever see, but it is the entire scene that really does just help to bring the tattoo together due to the fact that it is clearly all about the crucifixion. With this tattoo you do not need to have intricate detail showing pain or suffering as it is already there for all to see and the fact that they have used only slight hints of color adds to what is a fantastic tattoo

weight massion-Amazing Jesus Tattoos

10.Dramatic face

You have to admit that this image is dramatic and the tattoo artist that has been responsible for it really has excelled themselves this time. It is very haunting to look at it with the tear and the scratches on him and it will certainly grab your emotions from time to time. Overall this is an amazing tattoo.

Dramatic face-Amazing Jesus Tattoos

11.Back 2

This is another back tattoo, but this time it has a lot more detail in it and you can see the difference in quality. This one leaves you with a lot to think about as you look into his eyes and wonder what is in his mind. Overall this is a very thoughtful tattoo and it is one that you would rightfully be proud to have.

Back 2-Amazing Jesus Tattoos

12.Full back

You have to admit that this is a cool tattoo of Jesus even though it may not be the most detailed one that you will ever see. The eyes are quite haunting on there, but it is good that it does cover the entire back as it does do it some justice as the tattoo would be lost if it was just on an arm.

Full back-Amazing Jesus Tattoos



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