Amazing Chairs

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 3:58 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Long Legged Vajajay

Long tall Sally had nothing on this vulva shaped chair, set up on curvy, thin and sexy legs. Who would be able to resist sinking into the satiny lips to read a book or take a nap. A great conversation piece, everyone will want to take a turn in your vajajay chair.

Long Legged Vajajay-Amazing Chairs

2.The Vulva Chair

The shape of the vulva is an enticing and inviting place. It's too bad we that the last time it wrapped around us we were too young to appreciate it. That is, unless you have this chair that embraces you just like when you were newly born, bright, pink "pillow" and all!

The Vulva Chair-Amazing Chairs


Want a ton of fun? Wrap yourself in comfort with these moldable chairs the envelop you while you sit ... or sleep. Open it up and use it as a chair. Close it around you for your own little cocoon, to take a quiet little nap. This is one wonton that is filled the a nice little surprise!

Wontons-Amazing Chairs

4.Pink Lips

No one can deny that the female anatomy is beautiful. It's the first place we "sat" as we entered this world, so it stands to reason it would be quite comfortable to go back to those smooth, pink curves. Curl up in the fetal position and relax, as this chair takes the stress out of your day.

Pink Lips-Amazing Chairs

5.Cheeky Chairs

Let's get physical! A cheeky idea for a comfortable chair, with both the male and female buttocks displayed in the back. Lots of fun for any table at any party, or for anyone who wants to have the perfect butt cheeks, even for a little while. Who said sitting had to be boring?

Cheeky Chairs-Amazing Chairs

6.This Ain't No Bull

Bulls and leather, two great things that go together. This chair looks conservative and tame from the front, but if you slip around the back and you'll be face to face with the menacing bull who looks ready to stampede. You better hope you're not wearing red! Toro, Toro, Ole!

This Ain't No Bull-Amazing Chairs

7.Need A Hand?

This chair is a hand's down winner, when it comes to a great conversation piece. It feels oddly exciting as you sit in the palm, as if you were being offered up to the Gods ... or maybe you can fulfill your fantasy of being lifted by King Kong himself. Just don't let the foot kick you off.

Need A Hand?-Amazing Chairs

8.Whoville Chairs

If you're a lover of Dr. Seuss and the cute little Who's of Whoville, then you will probably love these chairs. Great for inside, on the porch or on the patio, these colorful and whimsical chairs bring you back to a happy time, when all that was needed was love.

Whoville Chairs-Amazing Chairs

9.Chairs of Attraction

We have his and hers towels, his and hers bikes, and even his and hers bathrobes, so now you can have your very own gender specific chair. These chairs might even spark a little romance as the female tempts the male with her golden arrow. As it was and always will be.

Chairs of Attraction-Amazing Chairs

10.Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones

Who hasn't enjoyed a great game of Jacks as a kid. Well, if you miss your childhood, this is the chair for you. Resembling a wooden Jack, with a sleek cushion, sit at your own risk. However, while it looks like it may tumble over, this design is safe for even the most cautious sitter.

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones-Amazing Chairs

11.A Chair Fit for a Greek God

What is it about the pyramids that is so captivating? Is it the angles, the fact that we can't really figure out who built them, or the fact that it sort of resembles one half of a diamond? But, the pyramids were missing one tiny element. Comfort! Add a little cushion and voila! The perfect place to rest your godly rear.

A Chair Fit for a Greek God-Amazing Chairs

12.Skinny as a Two-By-Four

This chair is an contradiction of itself. While it's skinny and sleek design looks appealing, only those with enough padding in the derriere would be able to comfortably sit in it for more than five minutes. Any longer than that and you'll be crying - timberrrrr! Better to look at, my dear!

Skinny as a Two-By-Four-Amazing Chairs



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