10 Most Expensive Virginities In The World

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 5:55 pm
By:James Fraser

We aren't talking about prostitution here. What you are about to read is something very different. Let's speak of those women who actually tried to sell their 'virginity' to complete strangers in 'virginity auctions.' The concept is simple. The ladies put their virginity up for sale on auction websites. Men who are willing to have sex with virgins bid big money to win the auction. Some women made millions doing so. They call this a 'business move', or a way to pay out debt and don't really consider themselves to be prostitutes. "If you take a photograph for onetime, you will not be a photographer. If you have sex only for one time, and if you aren't doing it again, you can't be called a prostitute," said one of the girls who sold her virginity. 
Read ten most expensive virginities in the world. 
1.Rosie Reid - $13,000

In 2004, an 18-year-old student from London auctioned her virginity in order to graduate from the university without debts. She said she received bids from 2000 different men from around the world. She chose a 44-year-old divorced man who agreed to pay her $13,000. She agreed and had sex with him in a hotel room.

Rosie Reid - ,000-10 Most Expensive Virginities In The World

2.Alina Percea - $14,000

In 2009, the Romanian girl Alicia Percea sold her virginity to a 45-year-old Italian businessman through a German auction website. The wealthy businessman paid for her to fly to Venice, where the couple had sex in a luxury hotel. The girl went through a medical test to prove if she is really a virgin, prior to hanging out with the old man.

Alina Percea - ,000-10 Most Expensive Virginities In The World

3.Rebecca Bernardo - $35,000

In 2013, an 18-year-old girl named Rebecca Bernardo from Brazil put up her virginity for sale to fight off her poverty. She said she needed money to graduate, and also to take care of her bed-ridden mother. Her mother didn't approve the decision, but she went ahead with the idea anyway. She sold her virginity for $35,000.

Rebecca Bernardo - ,000-10 Most Expensive Virginities In The World


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