15 Images Of Women Trolling Creepy Guys

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 11:46 am
By:James Fraser

Fewer people know the power of trolling. It's an art, and if it's neatly done, it can win you wars without needing to shed a drop of blood! Girls, if you master the art of trolling, you can keep creeps, stalkers, and sick m*therf*ckers at bay, and never have them trouble you ever again! If you need some inspiration, see these 15 images that show girls trolling creepers and ripping their pride apart. Be that girl who makes bad guys shit their pants. Oh yeah, we almost forgot that guys are reading this topic as well. It's a fun topic to read, guys! Read, have fun, but don't forget to share it with the girls on your friend's list!
1.He Now Hates Women and Their Panties for Life

Unfortunately, we have to deal with few people (known or unknown) and their madness on daily basis. We can't escape from them, though we strongly hope we can. For some people, happiness is all about knowing colors of panties of unknown girls! You can check one such guy in the image, and how that lady completely trolled him. Well... girls, that's exactly how you deal with creepers.

He Now Hates Women and Their Panties for Life-15 Images Of Women Trolling Creepy Guys

2.Former Stalker, Now a Pretty Pink Princess

You are not alone. Most women are troubled by stalkers. Stalkers aren't completely bad, but are usually hated and disliked because of their awkward behavior. Stalkers/creeps come in all sizes, shapes, and ages. Women stalk too! If you are troubled by on them, try something like what the lady has done here.

Former Stalker, Now a Pretty Pink Princess-15 Images Of Women Trolling Creepy Guys

3.Chocolate Mama Vs. Mayonnaise Dad

This is hilarious! People say things to us that we may not like listening to. Sadly, we may have those people as relatives, friends or colleagues because of which we can't straightaway tell them to stop talking things. If you ever find yourself in such situation, you take the lady in the image as inspiration. It was all humor - no one was hurt - and the message has been sent!

Chocolate Mama Vs. Mayonnaise Dad-15 Images Of Women Trolling Creepy Guys


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