Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 6:21 am
By:Mike Litzler


There is something quite romantic about peacocks for some people, so having them as your wedding cake topper does make a lot of sense. Combining it with the 'Just Married' sign is a nice touch and it really will make a statement when it is sitting there on your cake. This example is very well made and you will be able to treasure it for some time to come.

Peacocks-Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers

2.The chicks

These chicks look cheap and cheerful and you should love having them sitting on top of your wedding cake. Once again they will not work with the traditional style cake, but anything else is going to be perfect and it will undoubtedly make people laugh when they see them sitting there. The little veil on the female one is a clever idea and overall they are very well designed.

The chicks-Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers


Why you would want a crocodile on your wedding cake is a mystery, but there is something quite fun about them that does mean that they are going to be a funny addition to what is otherwise a very serious day. OK this might not work well with a very traditional wedding cake, but anything else is going to be enhanced by having them sitting there in pride of place.

Crocodile-Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers

4.The dogs

How good will these two dogs look on your wedding cake? They look like the perfect couple and they compliment each other very well indeed. They follow the usual lines of having the top hat, bow tie, and flowers to indicate the sex, but they also have a great look about them in general. This kind of topper will always raise a smile and will appear great in your photographs.

The dogs-Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers


Even though they are covered in spikes there is something cuddly about hedgehogs and for some reason they do work exceptionally well as wedding cake toppers. Once again at least they managed to make it known which was male and which was female by a simple flower and a bow tie and you have to admit that they are cool things to have on your cake.

Hedgehogs-Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers


This mixture of the mice with the heart behind it works very well indeed and you can see why it would appeal to those people that are looking for something a bit different. Once again they have done well to dress them up accordingly for the big day and it is something you would want to hold onto for as long as you could as it will give you great memories of your wedding day.

Mice-Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers


These dinosaurs look rather cute and cuddly in their own way and it is certainly a different idea for your topper. Why it is green is going to be a complete guess, but at least they did put a top hat on the male one in order to jazz them up a bit. What kind of reaction would you have if your wedding cake was wheeled out with this on top of it? Kids will love it as will a number of adults.

Dinosaurs-Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers


If you want to raise a laugh, then how about having your topper look like you are both drunk? This one is quite apt because so many people will end up drunk anyway, so it at least gives them an ideas as to what they will be like themselves when they see your topper has already got started. Obviously only use this one if you have a sense of humor or it could backfire.

Drunk-Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers


People love pandas and for some reason having two pandas for your wedding cake topper does work exceptionally well. There is something quite innocent about the way they look that just helps and the attention to detail on the female panda in particular is very, very good. People are going to smile when they see this on a wedding cake and you can understand why.

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Pandas-Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers


These skull toppers are both cool and spooky in equal measures, but you do have to admire the work that has gone into creating them. Everything here is hand painted, as is the norm, and it must have taken forever for them to be finished, but for the right people this really will be the best topper that they could ever hope for and could really make a statement on their wedding cake.

Skulls-Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers


This his and her bulldogs are going to be the perfect topper for anybody that has this breed or just loves them in general. The best part is that they have made sure that they are both dressed for the occasion with the top hat and bouquet and it is also cool that they have made sure that their tongues are pointing together in order to give some balance to it. People are going to take more shots of this topper than the actual cake.

Bulldogs-Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers


This ewe and ram topper is just another way of showing a couple together although clearly it is a bit unusual with them being sheep. The detail that has gone into this is impressive and as like so many of the other toppers it is all hand made from start to finish. There is something about them that just makes you smile when you look at them and everybody else will love your sheep toppers.

Sheep-Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers


Yes this actually is a wedding cake topper consisting of two koalas getting married. They both look rather smart in their finest wedding attire and everybody loves a koala. This is something that has been handmade and is going to be unique in its own way, so imagine having something like that on your wedding cake and the joy it would bring to your guests.

Koalas-Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers


This topper is inspired by science fiction and it is actually carved out of wood. The work that must have gone into creating this is mind boggling, but the end result is something that you cannot fail to be impressed by and if you love space and everything that comes with it, then this has to be the perfect topper for you.

Robots-Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers

15.The fish

Why you would settle on a couple of fish is unknown, but there is no doubt that this is unusual, but also very effective. The touch with the heart coming up out of the bubbles is very well done as is the top hat on the male fish and it shows how creative some people can be even with something such as wedding cake toppers. Imagine the reaction of the guests when they saw the cake coming out looking like this.

The fish-Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers



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