15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 12:44 pm
By:James Fraser

Drinking is fun as long as people don't overdo it. If you drink a pint or two, you are probably going to have a good time partying with friends, but if you booze too much, it ruins not only the good time but also the subsequent days with a terrible hangover. Ideally, you should enjoy alcohol, and you should never let it play with your brain or liver! Sadly, too many people don't know how to drink safely and end up dumping an ocean of beer or liquor in their bellies. Result? Passing out even before the DJ drops the beat! Look at the 15 unfortunate people who passed out first, and see what their friends did to them!
1.Wasted and Painted

This is the reason why you shouldn't drink so much or so fast just to avoid being that first guy in the group to pass out. By the time you pass out, your friends will already be in a drunken state, and they will never leave any chance of doing the worst they could do to you! Well, they may not kill you, but they will make you look something like this guy in this image!

Wasted and Painted-15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First

2.When 'Forever Alone' Guy Gets Boobs

It was lucky for him, as it was just a plain drawing with a sketch pen/marker. We all remember seeing 'forever alone' meme only with face. Thanks to this passed out guy in this picture and his friends, now that forever alone meme got some boobs! Those who came up with this idea are truly creative!

When 'Forever Alone' Guy Gets Boobs-15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First

3.Item Packed, and Ready for Delivery

There you go! One more dude got passed out and fell prey to his drunk friends. They tied him up, and packed him, as if he was a dead body! Imagine what he feels like when he wakes up only to find his hands, legs and entire body packed! Don't get wasted!

Item Packed, and Ready for Delivery-15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First


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