Strangest Ties

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 10:03 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Pixelated Tie

Watch out, you may get dizzy looking at this tie. Simulating a pixelated image on a computer screen, this tie is a great gift for the geek in your life. Techie and fun, all at the same time, the tie actually appears to be loading as the guy wears it. Nothing says "I love technology," more than this tie.

Pixelated Tie-Strangest Ties

2.Duct Tape Tie

Women are always laughing at how men will use duct tape for just about anything around the house. Well, this tie stands to prove their point. A tie made of duct tape is a fashion statement for the man who thinks duct tape is king. Great for work, or casual play.

Duct Tape Tie-Strangest Ties

3.Sandwich Tie

Hold the mayo. This sandwich tie is amazing. The detail makes it appear to be a real sandwich made on white bread with meats and cheeses, and even condiments. It looks as if you took your lunch with you, and any Joey Tribiani fan knows that men love their sandwiches.

Sandwich Tie-Strangest Ties

4.Wood Tie

A wood tie is a great fashion statement. This tie looks to be flexible, with jointed pieces, so the tie bends with you, not against you. Very rugged and cool, this tie is a great idea for the office, or after work. Casual yet dressy, every man loves to be around wood, why not wear it. For the rugged, and those who wish they could be.

Wood Tie-Strangest Ties

5.Fishbone Tie

This unique tie is amazing. Probably not all that comfortable, with it's fish bone structure, but beautifully designed. With just the head and tail, the bones are actually very fun. Catching a big fish is one way to look at this tie, especially if you're in the business of snagging big clients.

Fishbone Tie-Strangest Ties

6.Beer Tie

Can't wait to get out of work and head to the local bar for a cold one? This tie will keep your frosty until it's time to leave. Don't stare at it too much, or you may start salivating. If you see your fellow workers looking very thirsty, it might be a good idea to button your jacket.

Beer Tie-Strangest Ties

7.Weird Tie

A great message to the world. It should be everyone's ambition to be weird, because weird is the new normal. What is normal anyway? There is no such thing. Weird is where it's at, and everyone should just let their freak flag fly. Whoever wears this tie is definitely speaking for everyone who wishes they had the guts to.

Weird Tie-Strangest Ties

8.Taxi Tie

Taxi. It might help you flag down a cab if you're wearing this tie. Bright yellow, and in your face, this fun tie is a great conversation starter. A great piece to add flare to any suit, and only for the daring, who beg to be different. Maybe your message is that you'd rather be anywhere else than where you are.

Taxi Tie-Strangest Ties

9.Pong Tie

If you're old enough to remember the Atari game Pong, then you're old enough to wear this tie. Otherwise, this tie is just a retro piece, from a time long, long ago, when video games were just black and white, and very simplistic. The younger generations will shutter to think.

Pong Tie-Strangest Ties

10.Hot Dog Tie

Hot diggity dog, that's a tie. This hot dog tie looks good enough to eat, mustard and all. If you want to distract your boss, this is the tie to wear to work. You'll have them out the door and at a hot dog stand before you finish your morning coffee, then you can sit back and enjoy.

Hot Dog Tie-Strangest Ties

11.Crossword Puzzle

Bored at a meeting? If you're wearing this tie, all you have to do is look down and try to solve the crossword puzzle on your tie. However, be careful of others who only see you for your tie. Tell them "eyes up, I'm more than just words." A fun way to distract your co-workers while entertaining yourself.

Crossword Puzzle-Strangest Ties

12.Ice cream Tie

I scream, you scream, we all scream, for ice cream. This tie pays homage to a childhood favorite, the soft serve chocolate and vanilla swirl on a cone. Whoever wears this tie is definitely going to make a grand entrance, and make everyone hungry for their own sweet treat, too.

Ice cream Tie-Strangest Ties



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