Perfectly Timed Pictures In Sports

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 9:37 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Helmet Toss

Talk about losing your footing, this guy lost his helmet. He was hit so hard, the helmet flew off, but he still kept his grip on the ball, and that's all that counts. The funny part is how much hair the guy head under that helmet. Isn't it supposed to be strapped on?

Helmet Toss-Perfectly Timed Pictures In Sports


This shot is one of the most perfectly timed shots you can get. The cheerleader is completely upside down, caught in mid air. Whoever captured this shot, either had good timing, or took a bunch of them, and got them all in sequence. A great sports shot that shows how dangerous cheerleading can be.

Flipped-Perfectly Timed Pictures In Sports

3.Groin Pull

Lifted by the groin. A great shot of two wrestlers as one lifts the other off the ground. It looks like it hurt, but it's all part of the sport. Photographers have a great job at capturing the most surprising shots. When they get one like this it must feel good.

Groin Pull-Perfectly Timed Pictures In Sports

4.Losing The Rope

A perfectly timed photo as this guy lets go of the rope. Catching the rope handle in mid air, it makes for a keeper. We have to wonder if he lost it, or if he was done waterskiing and was letting go. These perfect shots are so well timed, that you wouldn't be able to plan it if you tried.

Losing The Rope-Perfectly Timed Pictures In Sports


A cheeky shot indeed. This athlete is looking in good form, but she may not like this view that the crowd gets. Maybe her shorts are too short, or her butt is too big, but we are sure the men in the audience appreciated her aptitude. These types of sports shots are the best.

Cheeky-Perfectly Timed Pictures In Sports


Too funny. This basketball player was pantsed by the other team, causing him to lose the ball. His hilarious face says it all, as he needs to decide between keeping his pants up or getting a basket. Looks like he chose his pants, and the ball was up for free play.

Pantsed-Perfectly Timed Pictures In Sports

7.Hair Pulling

They'll do anything for the ball, including attacking the other player. This girl is practically choking the other team and puling her hair. Sometimes it's a split second, where even the ref might miss it. However, the camera caught it, and there's the proof. Great sports shot for the records.

Hair Pulling-Perfectly Timed Pictures In Sports

8.Up And Over

If you can't go around them, go over them. This basketball player is attempting a jump shot and doesn't care who's in the way. A pretty high jump as he smacks straight into the other player's face. Was this a legal shot? If the ball went in, did it count?

Up And Over-Perfectly Timed Pictures In Sports

9.Weird Face

What does this face mean? Is he scared, or is he making fun of the baseball player? We can't really tell. Maybe he is just weird, but it is a perfectly timed shot. These types of pictures will go down in history every time a media publication posts this picture.

Weird Face-Perfectly Timed Pictures In Sports

10.Girl Fight

Aren't they supposed to be kicking the ball and not each other? Looks like each one broke the rules, kicking each other in the legs. The ball just sits there waiting for another player to steal the shot. It looks like the girl in black got the better of the other girl with a perfectly placed kick.

Girl Fight-Perfectly Timed Pictures In Sports

11.Swinging Ponytail

This is a great shot of a figure skater who must have just spun around. Her pony tail caught in mid air, sticking straight back. Dogs keep their balance by pointing their tail straight out, so maybe this figure skater had an advantage using her tail for balance. Would that disqualify you?

Swinging Ponytail-Perfectly Timed Pictures In Sports

12.Punch To The Face

Talk about being a loyal fan. This fan must really hate the opposite team. He had a fist ready when this player jumped over the wall to catch the ball. His fist landed right in his face. What happened next would be a great picture too. Did he fall to the ground and lose the ball.

Punch To The Face-Perfectly Timed Pictures In Sports



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