12 Best Meanwhile In Canada Memes Ever

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 8:10 am
By:Tony Williams

The first time I learned about Canada as a kid, my friend told me that it is "America's hat"! While growing up, I heard many good things about the country. I realized all of them were true when I visited Canada some time back. The internet, however, sees Canada from a different perspective! The world talks about Canada's diversity, politeness of their citizens, cheap beer, ice hockey, snowy weather, maple syrup, and so on. Look at these 12 best and funny "Meanwhile in Canada" memes that are sure to crack you up!

#10 Canadians Are Clever With Signs

Well what this shows is that Canadians are very clever with signs and at least they have managed to spell them correctly because that is often a problem with these kinds of things. Hey you also need to admit that they are original as well.

Canadians Are Clever With Signs-12 Best Meanwhile In Canada Memes Ever