15 Hilarious Toilet Graffiti Images Ever

Tuesday, Jun 23, 2020, 10:33 am
By:James Fraser

If we were to pen down the names of some coolest crimes, graffiti would always have a place on the list. Call it art or vandalism, graffiti is something that's hard to overlook. We all appreciate the street artists' incredible talent and admire their work until one starts smearing color on our property! Well, everything in the world is a canvas to paint on if you see it from an artist's eye - even a public restroom wall. You may have already seen toilet graffiti, but let us show you these 15 hilarious bathroom graffiti pictures that we believe are the best!
10.How Cute

This bathroom elephant is incredibly cute! This single hook coat hanger looks just like an elephant head, and the artist took care of the rest! We all see coat hangers, but artists see them as elephants and octopuses! Do you like to give your coat to the bathroom elephant so it can hold it for you?

How Cute-15 Hilarious Toilet Graffiti Images Ever

11.Ouch My Eye

It looks like someone stabbed something hard into the eye of this paper towel dispenser! The artist found a face in the dispenser, and all he has done is add two eyebrows and a 'my eye' phrase on top. It looks funny, right? You can check in your home if you can find faces like these!

Ouch My Eye-15 Hilarious Toilet Graffiti Images Ever

12.When Batman Asks you Shake that Off

This creepy blue batman is watching you pee in a public toilet, and is asking you to shake it off! Well, this is awkward. Is he really the batman, or joker in disguise? We need to ask the artist who drew this thing in a public toilet.

When Batman Asks you Shake that Off-15 Hilarious Toilet Graffiti Images Ever