15 Hilarious Toilet Graffiti Images Ever

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 10:33 am
By:James Fraser

If we were to pen down the names of some coolest crimes, graffiti would always have a place on the list. Call it art or vandalism, graffiti is something that's hard to overlook. We all appreciate the street artists' incredible talent and admire their work until one starts smearing color on our property! Well, everything in the world is a canvas to paint on if you see it from an artist's eye - even a public restroom wall. You may have already seen toilet graffiti, but let us show you these 15 hilarious bathroom graffiti pictures that we believe are the best!
7.What's that Smell?

Imagine having this art next to you in a public toilet, right in the stall you are sitting! We guess it will be little embarrassing. Nevertheless, this art is very funny. You can try to draw this art whenever you feel like vandalizing a public toilet! It's all easy unless someone caught you in the middle of the act.

What's that Smell?-15 Hilarious Toilet Graffiti Images Ever

8.The Toilet Ninja

Meet Protecto, the toilet ninja! What does he do? We guess he may protect people in toilets in case of a diarrhea apocalypse! This graffiti also tells us a thing. Guess what? All an artist need is creativity more than skills. Seriously, can't you draw something like this? Yes, you can. However, it's all about getting the idea.

The Toilet Ninja-15 Hilarious Toilet Graffiti Images Ever

9.Something is Wrong with This Sir

The sir in this picture wants to kill himself for some reasons! We need to ask person who drew this art to inquire what went wrong! This is another object based graffiti that made mostly out of the paper towel dispenser. Good but wicked creativity on display there!

Something is Wrong with This Sir-15 Hilarious Toilet Graffiti Images Ever