12 Hilarious Letters Ever Written To Santa Claus

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 10:15 am
By:Tony Williams

Millions of kids around the world write letters to Santa asking for toys, dolls, Xboxes, and what not! While most children write the letters in a very polite tone, some tiny tots take the funny, rude, or embarrassing route to write to Santa. Gone are the days where you have to be very polite to Santa Claus and even your family to get best Christmas presents. The kids of this generation are growing up very faster. They are very demanding. Read these 12 funny letters to Santa. You will understand how dull and boring your childhood was! 
1.Straight To The Point Santa Letter

Some kids write longwinded letters to Santa just to be polite. Most of them don't care how Santa or his reindeer are doing. This kid cuts to the chase and just lists what he wants for Christmas and nothing else. They didn't even sign their name. Thank goodness Santa is really his parents or he'd end up with nothing on December 25.

Straight To The Point Santa Letter-12 Hilarious Letters Ever Written To Santa Claus

2.Getting Presents through your Kids

This letter was obviously not written by Max. Someone is using this poor kid to get a camera. The handwriting shows that the person who wrote this letter is at least a teenager. The guilty party did decide to let Max be a part of the letter, by allowing him to scribble his name at the bottom.

Getting Presents through your Kids-12 Hilarious Letters Ever Written To Santa Claus

3.Are You Fat Santa?

This kid is as pushy as an army colonel. He judges Santa's weight and then tells him to write back. He doesn't know if Santa is real, so he writes him a letter asking him to prove his existence. This kid doesn't realize that the proof he's asking for can be purchased at a local drugstore.

Are You Fat Santa?-12 Hilarious Letters Ever Written To Santa Claus

4.A Letter Asking For An Elf

This is one odd letter to Santa. This little girl doesn't ask for toys or clothes like a normal kid. She instead asks for five feet long hair, much like Rapunzel. She then requests that Santa send her a real live elf. Not a toy elf, but one that works at the North Pole. Santa should send her a pet instead.

A Letter Asking For An Elf-12 Hilarious Letters Ever Written To Santa Claus

5.Gifts in Exchange for Santa

Not only does this little girl threaten Santa, but she provided 'proof' that she is holding Rudolph captive until she gets her Christmas wishes. The 'proof' is Rudolph's supposed red nose swimming in a pool of blood. The nose, however, looks like a strawberry swimming in sauce. This little girl's parents need to get her to a therapist stat!

Gifts in Exchange for Santa-12 Hilarious Letters Ever Written To Santa Claus

6.Gimme Lady Gaga Santa!

Santa must have missed the memo telling people not to mess with die-hard Lady Gaga fans. Tommy refuses to give up on his dream. He's been asking for a Gag doll for two years, but he keeps getting baseball items instead. Tommy is now fed-up and isn't afraid to harm Santa if he doesn't get his doll.

Gimme Lady Gaga Santa!-12 Hilarious Letters Ever Written To Santa Claus

7.Present Mix Up

Santa might be magical, but he isn't a miracle worker. This young lady writes that she wants a fat bank account and a skinny body since she got the opposite last year. Maybe if Lucy put down the fork and back away from the table, she'd have that slim body.

Present Mix Up-12 Hilarious Letters Ever Written To Santa Claus

8.Threatening Santa Claus

Judging by the items she asked for and the advanced handwriting, this girl is way too old to even be writing a letter to Santa Claus. She makes it clear from the very start that if she doesn't get at least two items on her list, that she is going to kill Santa. Looks like Santa needs to be riding around with security as opposed to elves.

Threatening Santa Claus-12 Hilarious Letters Ever Written To Santa Claus

9.Bring Batteries

At one time or another, a kid has received a Christmas gift that needed batteries. Some toys come with batteries and others are not included. This kid is tired of having to fend for himself when it comes to getting batteries for his toys. If Santa has any sense of humor, he'd give little DK a bag of batteries for Christmas.

Bring Batteries-12 Hilarious Letters Ever Written To Santa Claus


10.Little Johnny's Letter To Santa

Well, Little Johnny is not too enthused by the gifts he received from Santa Claus. Instead of waiting until the next year to ask Mr. Santa about the gifts he received, Johnny decided to write him a letter on December 26. Little Johnny apparently seems to be very frustrated and irritated.  Instead of being grateful for whatever he got, Johnny goes on a rampage, threatening Santa that he better not come down his chimney next year. It seems someone badly needs to sign up for an anger management class!

Little Johnny's Letter To Santa -12 Hilarious Letters Ever Written To Santa Claus

11.Santa Letter on Someone Else's Behalf

Mitch thinks he has everyone fooled by writing a letter to Santa and pretending it's not him. He goes on and on in the letter about what Mitch (who is supposed to be his brother) wants, he signs the letter with the name Mitch and then writes a P.S. saying it's not him. Either Mitch has split personalities or he just likes saying negative things about himself.

Santa Letter on Someone Else's Behalf-12 Hilarious Letters Ever Written To Santa Claus

12.Hannah Montana Overload

It's time for Ashley to back away from the Hannah Montana paraphernalia. Everything on her list is geared towards to television character. It'll be a sad morning in her household if she got That's So Raven items instead. This little girl probably sleeps with a Hannah Montana doll nestled underneath her.

Hannah Montana Overload-12 Hilarious Letters Ever Written To Santa Claus



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