12 Hilarious Bear Puns That Will Make You Cry

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 12:16 pm
By:James Fraser

Bear readers, oops… dear readers, the bear puns you are about to read are funny, and you are going to love them as much as Germans love their beer! Bears are a lot like humans! Do you know why? They are hairy, lazy, and they eat meat and veggies just like us. Furthermore, polar bears, black bears, grizzlies, and pandas are like white people, black people, brown people, and Asians of the forest! Wait, we almost forgot that we need to talk about bear puns, not bears! Thanks for bearing our boring bear lecture, and here are the 12 funny bear puns you are waiting to read! 
1.This Bad Pun

"I got a pun but it's pretty bad, bear with me!"
You have to giggle at this bad bear pun or else that mad bear is going to make you run for your dear life! Good or bad, puns are fun to read. What?! Don't you think so? Well, hey, don't be so picky with puns as if they are guns! If top-notch puns, not buns, satiate your hunger, keep browsing the topic to find them! You are going to like them "fur" sure! 

This Bad Pun-12 Hilarious Bear Puns That Will Make You Cry

2.The Molar Bear

"The molar bear… fighting against enamel cruelty!" 
Brace yourself, jokes about teeth are coming! Polar bears and molars have a lot in common. Too much ice cream damages molars, which often leads to their extraction. On the other hand, too little ice troubles polar bears, driving them to extinction! This molar bear seems to be the brainchild of an environmentalist-cum-dentist -- dentist until "tooth hurty" PM, and a radical tree hugger after that! 

The Molar Bear-12 Hilarious Bear Puns That Will Make You Cry

3.Bearly Noticeable

"Nope, don't need to shave yet… my leg hair is bearly noticeable!" 
Hey, have you ever seen a girl shaving her legs? If you haven't, check pictures of girls shaving their legs on Google. You will be amazed to see a lot of girls posing similar to this cool AF bear! Hey girls, don't take that as an offense! We have just talked about the similitude of pose, and nothing else. We want everyone reading this topic laugh, and if you don't do that, girl, let's rewrite this joke exclusively for you. "Nope, don't need to shave yet… my next date bearly exists!"

Bearly Noticeable-12 Hilarious Bear Puns That Will Make You Cry

4.Bear Hands!

"I built this with my bear hands." 
Dear all people who love to read quality puns, here's your treat for the day. You don't read "pawsome" puns like these every day, do you? The reason we call it special is the play on words here is perfect. The two terms bear and bare are perfect homonyms. They didn't significantly change the meaning of the sentence even when we used them interchangeably. Now, that's the sign of a great pun. This "extrawordinary" bear pun deserves a nomination for the Best Pun of the Topic Award! What do you say? 

Bear Hands!-12 Hilarious Bear Puns That Will Make You Cry

5.The Right To Bear Arms!

"Everyone has right to bear arms? In Soviet Russia, we have right to whole bear!" 
This joke is older than dirt! Let's twist it and make it a little more interesting. How about a "right to arm bears?" A bear with a gun is the sassiest thing you will ever see! By the way, it isn't against the law to keep a bear as a pet in Russia. Russians just need to make sure their pet bears don't pose a threat to people living in the neighborhood. Interestingly, it isn't illegal to keep bears as pets in the American states of Nevada, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Delaware

The Right To Bear Arms! -12 Hilarious Bear Puns That Will Make You Cry

6.This "Punny" Question

What Do You Call a Bear With No Teeth? A Gummy Bear!
Hey, do you want to be that funny guy or girl your friends love a lot? If so, ask them this weird question! Let's help you with by listing down few more "punny" questions! Try to answer these questions first.
1. Why is Chris Brown? 
2. What does David Cook? 
3. When will Orlando Bloom?
4. Where did Rachelle Ann Go?
5. What does Jeremy Irons?

This "Punny" Question-12 Hilarious Bear Puns That Will Make You Cry

7.Life Is Hard!

"Life is hard, I bearly made it through the week." 
Life's not that hard for grizzlies. They lead quite a comfortable life in their habitats, often stealing people's picnic baskets! Life's fun for pandas; they are treated like celebrities. Things are tough for polar bears, and even harder for black bears. Poachers often target Asian black bears for their pelts, teeth, and paws. In fact, in countries like India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, black bears are enslaved and forced to dance and do tricks to help their masters earn money. 

Life Is Hard!-12 Hilarious Bear Puns That Will Make You Cry



"You expect me to bear this heat? Impawsible!" 
If you are from the United States or Russia, you are accustomed to seeing bears taking a dip in backyard pools. Bears hate heat and often cool them up by dipping in water bodies such as small ponds, swimming pools, etc. The good thing about bears, though, is they don't attack humans unless they are threatened. Bears don't kill us for food like some other wild animals as lions or tigers do. So don't get scared and start running if you see a bear. That just makes the situation worse. 

Impawsible!-12 Hilarious Bear Puns That Will Make You Cry

9.This Kungfu Panda!

"Stand back, or I will beat you with my bear hands!" 
More than the pun, that fighting pose of baby bear makes us laugh! It does look like it's fighting the other bear cub. This is the second bear hands pun we have read so far on the topic, but this one looks and sounds a lot better than the previous one. Hey, you remember that bench-building bear you saw a few minutes ago on this topic? We are talking about that. 

This Kungfu Panda!-12 Hilarious Bear Puns That Will Make You Cry


10.Bear Grylls Vs. Bear Grills

How many bears could Bear Grylls grill if he could grill bears? Read it slowly; you will get it. That bear in the picture needs to be extra cautious while cooking or eating Bear Grylls because this guy drinks his own piss! His body is a lot toxic than ours! Just kidding - it feels incomplete if we don't mention piss whenever we talk about this guy. Jokes aside, it's really fun to see Bear Grylls on TV!

Bear Grylls Vs. Bear Grills-12 Hilarious Bear Puns That Will Make You Cry

11.Bearly Dressed

"I will be out in a moment; I'm barely dressed!" 
This meme is funny but sounds a bit repetitive. Let's not talk more about an already boring meme! Since we are talking about bears, let us talk a bit about them. What do you call a group of bears? Terror? No, no! A group of bears is called a sloth. Yes, a sloth! Interestingly, there exists a type of bear that's called a sloth bear. Talking about bear diet, polar bears are almost always carnivorous, and their distant Asian cousins, Pandas, are herbivorous. 

Bearly Dressed-12 Hilarious Bear Puns That Will Make You Cry

12.Bipolar Bears

"Bipolar Bears - On some days they just want to be left alone." 
This meme is referring to bipolar disease, an uncommon psychological condition that makes a person experience severe mood swings. One day they act as if they are the happiest people on earth, and the following day they may experience severe spells of anxiety and depression. Polar bears don't suffer from the bipolar disease, though! In fact, no animal suffers from it. If you could bear with our these puns then make sure to read our animal puns as well.

Bipolar Bears-12 Hilarious Bear Puns That Will Make You Cry



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