12 Hilarious Animal Puns That Will Make You Lol

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 4:08 pm
By:James Fraser

An email puns are funny! Didn't you get that? Boy, you have to be a lot sharper than that to understand the punnery on this topic! We know a lot of you peeps enjoy reading puns. We are aware puns as rare as diamonds, and the chances are high that you may have read all the puns that exist in our world. We didn't take a trip to another galaxy to discover some extraterrestrial puns, but we plowed the internet deep to find some exceptional and incredibly fresh puns - animal puns! Now read the first sentence. Done doing that? Now check these 12 hilarious animal puns! 
1.Iguana Tap It, But I Have A Reptile Dysfunction

A lot of guys these days have reptile dysfunction as the earthworms in their pants refuse to metamorphose into King Cobras or Black Mambas! Oops, did we just say reptile dysfunction? What we meant to say was erectile dysfunction. We know projectile malfunction is a terrible health condition, and it's not a good thing to make fun of men with infertile midsection! Don't even try to poke fun at them even if they are UP to accepting your bland humor with a smiling face.

Iguana Tap It, But I Have A Reptile Dysfunction-12 Hilarious Animal Puns That Will Make You Lol

2.Look At All The Fox I Give

Back in those ancient days, a chicken said the same thing to humans - "Look at all the flying f*cks I give." Since then, chickens neither learned to fly nor lived happily in jungles. Primitive people made chickens their favorite meal. As of now, no one really cares about those poor flightless birds other than Rita, Lita, and a random Senorita from PETA! Hey Fox, you think humans don't eat your meat? What if we tell you Wal-Mart once sold fox meat to its Chinese customers?! CHECKMATE! 

Look At All The Fox I Give-12 Hilarious Animal Puns That Will Make You Lol

3.Your Koalafications Are Completely Irrelephant

Koalas are adorable little animals, and as someone from the West, you are less likely to see one unless you are a frequenter to zoos. If you have plans to visit Australia soon, make time to see koalas and spend some quality time with them. Koalas are incredibly snuggly! Hugging them and cuddling with them is a relaxing and satisfying experience. You will be doing that, right? Now listen; more than 90% of koala population has Chlamydia, and that shouldn't stop you from hugging or kissing them. Those cutie pies need your love!  

Your Koalafications Are Completely Irrelephant-12 Hilarious Animal Puns That Will Make You Lol


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