12 Funny Things People Google

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 1:30 pm
By:Tony Williams

Health problem? Google it. Relationship advice? Google it. Over the years, Google has become a kind of personal coach that tells us many things. Be it a virgin boy who is about to have sex, or a debauched man who has STDs, everyone who has a question is more likely to Google it than ask someone else. People search for a lot of things on Google. Many of those searches are weird or cringeworthy. Thanks to Google's Search Suggestions feature, we are now able to show you 12 funny Google searches that crack you up right away!

#9 Amish Online Dating

If it was Ex Amish Online Dating could understand, but its not. Its Amish Online Dating. Maybe there are some really progressive Amish sects out there that allow not only the use of technology, but allow its use to find love. Maybe these are the Amish from the movie Kingpin.

Amish Online Dating-12 Funny Things People Google