12 Funny Things People Google

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 1:30 pm
By:Tony Williams

Health problem? Google it. Relationship advice? Google it. Over the years, Google has become a kind of personal coach that tells us many things. Be it a virgin boy who is about to have sex, or a debauched man who has STDs, everyone who has a question is more likely to Google it than ask someone else. People search for a lot of things on Google. Many of those searches are weird or cringeworthy. Thanks to Google's Search Suggestions feature, we are now able to show you 12 funny Google searches that crack you up right away!
1.My Teeth Are See Through

This Google search may sound funny at first, but it indeed is a genuine one, and there is nothing really to laugh about it. Quick loss of calcium in teeth results in clearer and transparent teeth. The condition is no joke. It can cause irreversible damage to teeth if it is left untreated for longer period. Symptoms are very common things people Google. Googling symptoms isn't really a good idea. The results are often misleading, and may well convince people that they are suffering from cancer or any other deadly diseases! The good thing to do in such situation is to find a doctor - on Google! 

My Teeth Are See Through -12 Funny Things People Google

2.Sometimes when I'm alone I use comic sans

I almost wrote this entire thread in comic sans to show solidarity with this guy. Comic sans is the most least professional font there is. It's so unprofessional that even comic books won't print in comic sans(Yes they do well some still do maybe a lot I don't read comics). I think its time to bring this font to the forefront. From now on all of my resumes will be written in comic sans. And I guess I will be unemployed for another year, but hey it's worth the laugh.

Sometimes when I'm alone I use comic sans-12 Funny Things People Google

3.Why Can't I Own A Canadian?

I think that ever American has thought about this at one point. Why can't I own a Canadian? They are so cute and cuddley. We should start a new game. If you could own a Canadian who would it be? I would probably go with Bret the Hitman Hart, but Rob Ford is high on my Canadian Draft list as well. Now before people get up in arms I am not advocating slavery, not at all, maybe more like an indentured servant type of deal.

Why Can't I Own A Canadian?-12 Funny Things People Google

4.Amish Online Dating

If it was Ex Amish Online Dating could understand, but its not. Its Amish Online Dating. Maybe there are some really progressive Amish sects out there that allow not only the use of technology, but allow its use to find love. Maybe these are the Amish from the movie Kingpin.

Amish Online Dating-12 Funny Things People Google

5.How come when I talk to girls on Facebook they don't answer back?

Aw, the perils of being a Facebook Mack. I think this guy is auditioning to be on Catfish? How many girls is he trying to talk to? I would say a lot if he has been turned down so many times that he is now searching Google for answers. It's a sad sad state of affairs.

How come when I talk to girls on Facebook they don't answer back?-12 Funny Things People Google

6.Why Is My Goldfish Turning Black?

If you have a pet goldfish at home, you already know how painful it is to find your goldfish slowly turning black. The search query may sound weird or funny to ordinary people, but it disheartens the goldfish owners the moment they read it. Goldfishes turn black because of excess ammonia in the water. The ammonia burns their skin and causes dark or black colored spots on their body. In a worst-case scenario, the condition can even kill a fish or cause irreparable damage to its health. Goldfishes turn black when water in the aquarium or tank are not replaced regularly.

Why Is My Goldfish Turning Black?-12 Funny Things People Google

7.Why isn't 11 pronounced onety one?

This is probably my favorite Google search ever! I think that we as Americans and citizens of the world should get legislation crafted top officially change the pronunciation of 11 to onety one. I think that it could really get kids excited about counting again. Our numbers have had the same pronunciation for years and I think it's high time we change things up! Who's with me?!

Why isn't 11 pronounced onety one?-12 Funny Things People Google

8.What Would Happen If I Hired Two Private Investigators To Follow Each Other?

In short; they would explode! Actually they would not. At first this looks like a stupid inquiry, but that would be something funny to try. I wonder if the two investigators would catch on to someone else following them. That actually might be the new way that Private Eyes could be tested and trained. This actually sounds like a good script to a comedy movie. I could totally see Will Ferrell and Steve Carell playing the two investigators. And if anyone tries to steal my idea I have it copyrighted!

What Would Happen If I Hired Two Private Investigators To Follow Each Other?-12 Funny Things People Google

9.What Would A Chair Look Like If Your Knees Bent The Other Way?

I have personally searched for some crazy stuff on Google, I think we all have. This however is only crazy on the surface. This inquiry actually is very inquisitive. Chairs would look a lot different if our knees did not bend the way that they do. I believe whoever searched for this originally was an engineering major at MIT, or a Mayor of a Canadian City on Crack.

What Would A Chair Look Like If Your Knees Bent The Other Way?-12 Funny Things People Google

10.Google Will Not Search For Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris has become a folk legend over the last 10 years. One of the reasons for this is Conan O'Brien. The Late Night funnyman would do a bit where he would pull a lever and a clip from Norris's "Walker Texas Ranger" would air. This started the snowball effect about Norris and his toughness. I guess Chuck is so tough even Google is afraid to search for him.

Google Will Not Search For Chuck Norris-12 Funny Things People Google

11.I Like To Tape My Thumbs To My Hands And See What It Is Like To Be A Dinosaur

Well, this isn't even a question in the first place. This search query is a kind of statement. When someone searches for something like this on Google, it seems as if the person is confessing to Google more than looking for something. No one knows who was the first person to put this hilarious search query on Google. This funny Google search has become so popular that it is now all over the internet, on the websites, blogs, forums, etc. In fact, many people made hilarious YouTube parodies of this funny search.

I Like To Tape My Thumbs To My Hands And See What It Is Like To Be A Dinosaur -12 Funny Things People Google

12.What Do I Do If A Ginger Kid Bites Me

It's unbelievable, but this gem of a query got more than 200,000 searches on Google! The funny Google search became popular because of a South Park's episode named Ginger Kids. In the episode, Eric Cartman delivers a hate speech against gingers in the school, and links them to a hyperbolic disease called Gingervitus! Ginger kids in the school are discriminated by the other students at the school. South Park is an amazing TV show, and it is also the source of numerous funny Google search queries including the one you have read now!

What Do I Do If A Ginger Kid Bites Me-12 Funny Things People Google



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