12 Funny Sleep Memes That Will Make Your Day

Sunday, May 3, 2020, 11:31 am
By:James Fraser

Every human being on this planet requires eight hours of sleep a day for optimum health and maximum productivity. Most of us find it difficult to sleep for the entire eight hours a day because of our busy and technology-ridden lifestyles. Sleeping for six to seven hours a day and then compensating the lost hours during the weekend is an ideal alternative, but people won't do that either. Many of us hardly sleep for five hours a day. Trust us; those bad sleeping habits are going to haunt you soon by giving you a boatload of health problems. Check these funny sleep memes that neatly sum up the sleep struggles of modern people!
7.Five More Minutes!

Many of us can relate ourselves to this meme! We keep pressing the snooze button until the last moment we can stretch, helplessly hoping that we can skip functioning for the rest of the day and remain in bed. That kind of sleep feels good and evil at the same time. Oh man, why don't we feel that sleepiness at 11:30 PM! Anyway, people, you can set your alarm an hour before you actually need to wake up, so you feel like you have earned yourself an extra hour to sleep! 

Five More Minutes! -12 Funny Sleep Memes That Will Make Your Day

8.Sleeping Problems!

Some people genuinely try to sleep early, but they are hit by insomnia. No matter how hard they try, they just find it extremely difficult to fall asleep. They then begin browsing the internet and start doing all kinds of stuff as they find it boring lie on the bed doing nothing. Hey, if you have the problem, try these things. Sleep comes to those who physically strain their body during the day, be it being physically active or sweating out in the gym. Turn off your Wi-Fi, switch off every light in the room, adjust your air conditioner for right temperature, and then try to sleep! 

Sleeping Problems!-12 Funny Sleep Memes That Will Make Your Day

9.Please Internet, Let Me Sleep!

Hey, don't blame the internet! It's you who are failing to convince your brain that it's time to sleep. If you think you are too distracted by the internet, switch off your internet source like Wi-Fi router. Turn off data on your phone, and pretend the internet never existed! Correcting your sleep habits is just like correcting any bad lifestyle habit. It needs dedication and weeks of hard work to achieve that!

Please Internet, Let Me Sleep!-12 Funny Sleep Memes That Will Make Your Day