15 Dirty Would You Rather Questions To Ask At A Party

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 6:01 pm
By:James Fraser

"Would you rather" is an exciting and interactive conversational game usually played at parties or social gatherings. As you may know, the objective of this game is to put the respondent in a dilemma by making them answer a question that has either two good or two bad options. Would you rather have the ability to fly or power to become invisible? A question like this confuses an average person, as it is indeed a tough choice to make. Now try to answer this question. Would you rather sleep with your partner's best friend or your best friend's partner? Mind you; one can't say NO to a "Would you rather" question! Do you want to read more such questions? Go ahead and read these 15 funniest "Would you rather" questions then.
4.Hardest Would You Rather Question

Would you rather swallow or spit? 
All the bros in the world who have stuck deep in the friend zone should be asking their crush this question. Let me be your wingman and help you get out of that trap! The next time when you get a chance to meet your love interest, make her play "Would you rather" and ask her few nice would you rather questions in the beginning. Wait for the right moment and drop this bomb of naughty question on her! If she answers, come back and thank us! Even if she doesn't, you still owe us some gratitude because we helped you escape the friend zone!  

Hardest Would You Rather Question-15 Dirty Would You Rather Questions To Ask At A Party

5.Crazy Would You Rather Question

Would you rather have finger-sized nipples or nipple-sized fingers? 
Um, this is a tough question. Hey, hey, this question applies to both guys and girls. Now tell us; would you rather have giant nipples or tiny fingers? We guess you should go with finger-sized nipples. Well, we would pick that as well if we were you. Fingers are necessary, aren't they? We need them to eat pizza, browse the internet, and lots of other things! Long nipples suck (no pun intended!), but not as much as not having fingers.

Crazy Would You Rather Question-15 Dirty Would You Rather Questions To Ask At A Party

6.A Genuinely Tough Question For Many

Would you rather be wealthy and ugly, or poor and good-looking? 
Do you really think it is a tough question? Seriously? Hey, don't even think about living a miserable life when you have an opportunity to become a wealthy person! Let's tell you a simple life hack. Be rich, go to a plastic surgeon, and get rid of ugly looks! If you choose to be poor and good-looking, you may never get an opportunity to make a lot of money. Does that make sense? Good looks, my dear friend, wither one day! Now, let's have a moment of silence for all our brothers and sisters who are ugly and poor like me. That sucks real bad.

A Genuinely Tough Question For Many-15 Dirty Would You Rather Questions To Ask At A Party