12 Funny Gadgets That Freak Out Your Guests

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 12:48 pm
By:Tony Williams

I don't hate guests. I just don't like their presence in my home for longer periods. Having guests in home compel me to come out of my room and socialize with them. Mind you, I don't have any problem in mingling with them. That being said, I don't want to sit and chat with them for hours. I know many of you people feel the same, especially when unexpected, uninvited, or stubborn guests come over. Here, I will show you 12 funny gadgets you must own to freak out your guests! Use them to pull a funny prank or two on your guests to show the funnier side of you. These gadgets are harmless, and I assure most of your guests are going to find them humorous.

1.Scary app

If you have an iPhone, then why not download this app that will turn a nice lovely picture of your guests into something scary within seconds. This is going to seriously freak them out, but do be careful that they do not have a heart condition or things could go wrong.

Scary app-12 Funny Gadgets That Freak Out Your Guests

2.Worrying Times

Well this is certainly one gadget that is going to scare the absolute life out of your guests because right at the last moment they will discover that the toilet paper just cannot be ripped. Of course you need to give them another alternative, but their face would be a picture. 

Worrying Times-12 Funny Gadgets That Freak Out Your Guests

3.Rattlesnake Bottle Holder

Well if this is not enough to put your guests off drinking your wine, then who knows what is going to work. This rattlesnake is going to guard it and keep those unwanted visitors away, so at least it will cost you less for alcohol.

Rattlesnake Bottle Holder-12 Funny Gadgets That Freak Out Your Guests

4.Toilet Monster

In some ways it is a bad idea to have this gadget at home and in the toilet because if the person that goes there does not have good control of themselves, then there could be a problem. However, in some cases it will certainly freak them out, so perhaps that is a good thing.

Toilet Monster-12 Funny Gadgets That Freak Out Your Guests

5.Giant rat in a trap

Well this has to get your guests going because this is not just a normal rat, but instead it is animated, moves, and makes noises and all done by remote control. You can get it to scare the life out of your guests and how much fun is that going to be?

Giant rat in a trap-12 Funny Gadgets That Freak Out Your Guests

6.Creepy? Delights!

A remote control tarantula must be the best freak out gadget ever! Simply watch your guests scream in horror as his hairy legs spin across the carpet up their leg and vanishes with them as they sprint out of the room.

Creepy? Delights!-12 Funny Gadgets That Freak Out Your Guests

7.You need the paper after this

At first this may seem like a normal toilet paper holder, but in actual fact it has a motion sensor built into it. What then happens is as soon as it detects any movement it lets out screams, so if you are unaware that this happens you are going to need to use the toilet paper to clean up the mess.

You need the paper after this-12 Funny Gadgets That Freak Out Your Guests


This gag is great for evenings when the room is dimly lit and even a few spooky candles are burning. 'The horror shower curtain'. This could definitely freak guests out whilst they visit the toilet for a bit of relief! 

Bwahaaaah!-12 Funny Gadgets That Freak Out Your Guests

9.Fancy Door Knocker

OK so some people might argue that this is not a gadget, but in a way it is because a gadget does not have to be all hi-tec to qualify. Instead, this is a rather ornate and different door knocker and your guests need to have the guts to use it to gain access to your house.

Fancy Door Knocker-12 Funny Gadgets That Freak Out Your Guests


10.Not So Welcome

Guests love to feel welcomed. They also love a warm greeting so make sure your door mat does just the opposite. This 'Freak The Guests Out' mat is a sure winner! 

Not So Welcome-12 Funny Gadgets That Freak Out Your Guests

11.Dog Alarm

This device is going to freak out your guests because it will sense that they are there and start going absolutely crazy. This then means that they will jump to new heights due to being scared and you can laugh your socks off at it. 

Dog Alarm-12 Funny Gadgets That Freak Out Your Guests

12.Poop Sandwich

This poop sandwich is probably the most disgusting entry on the topic. It is also the easiest way to prank a guest. Remember, it isn't any gadget. It's just a sandwich with some caramel sauce in it. If not caramel sauce, you can use dark chocolate pudding or crushed brownie. You know - you just need to find out those foods that look like poop! The important part of the procedure is that you need to mold the stuff in a way that it replicates turd. This poop sandwich is one of the most popular April Fools' Day office pranks.

Poop Sandwich-12 Funny Gadgets That Freak Out Your Guests



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