12 Funny Feminist Memes That Are Sure To Trigger Some Feminists

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 1:07 pm
By:James Fraser

So, what does feminism actually mean? The dictionary says that feminism is an advocacy of women's rights based on the equality of the sexes. EQUALITY. You read that, right? Unfortunately, many women have turned feminism into a man-hating business. Those crazy feminists have made an average man hate the concept of feminism altogether. Who is a real feminist? Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany - or some whiny British girl who complained that air conditioning is sexist? If you see the latter as an inspiring women's rights crusader, we are sure you are not going to enjoy reading this topic! Anyway, check these 12 funny and stupid feminist memes that make you laugh or cringe hard right away! 
1.Feminism In A Nutshell

You see feminists marching on roads now and then, protesting a lot of things that range from female-oppressive laws to stare rape. Unfortunately, many young girls believe that feminism is all about invading streets, raising slogans against men, go back home, upload their gallant effort on social media websites in the form of pictures and videos, AND get back to living their normal life. Those who identify themselves as feminists need to work constructively toward empowering women and achieving a goal than whine about useless things. 

Feminism In A Nutshell-12 Funny Feminist Memes That Are Sure To Trigger Some Feminists

2.The Reason Why Most Men Hate Feminists

Feminists are hated because they are stubborn. They enclose themselves in a tiny world that's filled with ignorance and hate, and they consistently deny the opportunity to get out of it. Catcalling is bad. Rape is terrible. Domestic abuse is feeble, and we admit pathetic things like these need to end as soon as possible. Now, what feminists are doing to end them? How many times have you seen a feminist leader conducting a camp that teaches young girls to protect themselves in the case of adversity? Feminists argue that rapes shouldn't happen in the first place. Realists advocate caution to avoid rape and harassment. As a man, you can be robbed or killed if you wander dangerous neighborhoods during the night. As a girl, you can get raped or harassed. No one on this planet can curb crime altogether! We have to take care of ourselves.

The Reason Why Most Men Hate Feminists-12 Funny Feminist Memes That Are Sure To Trigger Some Feminists

3.This Funny Feminist Logo

That's an accurate description, but calling feminists Nazis or comparing them with fascists is not a good thing at all. We will tell you why. Right or wrong, every human being has an opinion. As long as the opinion doesn't violate the law, no one should have a problem with that. Someone hates gays; it's their personal opinion. A girl hates just about every man on the planet; it's her outlook on life. Some random guy thinks women need to stick to the kitchen and make sandwiches. It's his ignorance. If you get triggered and respond to anyone of the above-mentioned persons, you are just wasting a few valuable moments of your life. Never fight ignorance with ignorance. If you know a feminist, try to enlighten her with some facts and lecture. You can't put out a fire with fire, can you?

This Funny Feminist Logo-12 Funny Feminist Memes That Are Sure To Trigger Some Feminists

4.The Real Issue Of Equal Rights

Why don't we see more women in STEM fields? Why are most garbage workers men? Why don't you frequently see women at a construction site? As this meme says, why women receive a lesser sentence than men for same crimes? Equal rights, my friend, come to you when you start working toward achieving them. Why couldn't the so-called male chauvinists stop Theresa May from becoming the Prime Minister of the UK? Bangladesh is not as progressive or liberal as the United Kingdom, but the people of small Asian Muslim country elected a woman to rule them! As a girl, you need to decide whether you want to become the leader or just remain a beat-ass mullet mom who occasionally takes the road to protest gender inequality and injustice! 

The Real Issue Of Equal Rights-12 Funny Feminist Memes That Are Sure To Trigger Some Feminists


Perhaps, this is the worst tweet we have read in the recent few weeks! We know people can be stupid, but we have never thought we are going to read something as dumb as this tweet! Apparently, it reads, "The tampon is a male invention designed to oppress women into raping themselves and spending their hard-earned money." Whoa, those are some insanely deep and crazy thoughts! If you think things like these never happen in real life, here's the story of Kiran Gandhi who ran a marathon without wearing a tampon or pad while she was on her period. She just tried to normalize menstruation, but that didn't happen, as a lot of girls hated her idea (rightfully) of #freebleeding! 

#Freebleeding!-12 Funny Feminist Memes That Are Sure To Trigger Some Feminists

6.The Bias

When a girl flirts with a guy, she's just a naughty type. And when a man does that, he is a creep. Wait. We shouldn't generalize people here. It's like - when a cute guy flirts with a girl, he is a charmingly confident man, and when an ugly dude does that, he is creepy AF! A handsome man calls a girl ugly nymph if she is too excited about him, and finds the same behavior cute when a beautiful girl displays it. Some men use their money to lure hot chicks, but they still insult them, calling them gold diggers. Some girls use their sexy bodies to attract men, and they complain they are being seen only as sex objects! Aren't we living in a crazy and hypocrite world? 

The Bias-12 Funny Feminist Memes That Are Sure To Trigger Some Feminists

7.Exactly, That Is What A Feminist Looks Like!

The so-called self-proclaimed feminists cut off their hair, dye whatever left on their head with vibrant colors, wear crazy-looking eye-glasses, and try everything they can to look different from the rest. More than 90% of those feminists don't strive for equal rights. They just exist to hate men, and all they do round the clock is spread hatred toward men. That is bad feminism, and it isn't going to help women in any possible way. Feminism should bring a change in the lives of millions of young girls and women suffering in the Middle East, Asian, and African nations. On the one hand, we have crazy feminists who denounce the use of menstrual pads, and on the contrary, we have poor girls who use sawdust to cover up their period. Sad.

Exactly, That Is What A Feminist Looks Like!-12 Funny Feminist Memes That Are Sure To Trigger Some Feminists



Was she just trying to be funny? Was she indirectly roasting feminists? Since we don't know what exactly her intention is, let's not jump into any quick conclusion! One thing for sure is that many feminists think more or less the same. As we said earlier, real feminism is about working toward building a society with gender equality. It is about making women all over the world exercise fundamental human rights. Feminism should empower women, and stand with females, and support them when they are in need.

Wut?-12 Funny Feminist Memes That Are Sure To Trigger Some Feminists

9.Can Men Rape Without Laying A Hand?

Apparently, the girl is talking about stare rape. We live in a world where we can't stop people from looking at us. It isn't a crime to look at people. With that being said, we totally condemn those inappropriate and vulgar stares some men usually give to girls. Listen, we live in a world where we have roses, and thorns grow on the same plant. We have good people, and then, we have bad ones. There is absolutely no point in trying to change bad people. They won't change at all. We just need to take care and protect ourselves from potential threats. Would you pick a thorn with your hand because you can?

Can Men Rape Without Laying A Hand?-12 Funny Feminist Memes That Are Sure To Trigger Some Feminists


10.Exactly, This Is Feminism!

You are a feminist when you believe that men and women must be treated equally. You are a feminist when you can wholeheartedly work with men to build a better world. You can totally ignore males and can still be a good feminist. Did you remember how a lot of feminists came forward to condemn Trump's sleazy remarks about women? What did they achieve by doing so? Too bad, they couldn't even stop him from becoming the President. Do you know ISIS terrorists have been raping thousands of women in the Middle East? Can you even imagine in your wildest dreams about some terrorist guys taking girls in your family hostage and raping them? That's a reality in countries like Syria, Iraq, etc. Why no progressive feminist talks about that and raise a placard to create awareness and put pressure on international community?

Exactly, This Is Feminism!-12 Funny Feminist Memes That Are Sure To Trigger Some Feminists

11.Sexist Air Conditioning!

The woman in this meme is a Telegraph.co.uk writer who made news several months ago when she claimed that air conditioning at workplaces was sexist! The 25-year-old British media professional, Radhika Sanghani, believed that women don't find cold environments comfortable like how men do. She even advised employers to set room temperature wisely so that the female employees wouldn't shiver. As expected, a lot of people didn't like her claim at all, and the whole sexist air conditioning fiasco was turned into a source of various memes and internet jokes.

Sexist Air Conditioning!-12 Funny Feminist Memes That Are Sure To Trigger Some Feminists

12.I Don't Need Feminism Because

Feminists are a minority within the female group. Bad feminists are even lesser in number, so not every girl we meet is a man-hating women's right activist. Women need feminism, and there is no doubt in that. Just as we have been saying throughout this topic, real feminism is about women joining their hands to work collectively and uplift lives of young girls and females around the world by teaching them the ways to be self-sufficient, so they don't have to rely on men for food or money. Sadly, radical man-haters hijacked feminism and have done a great bit of damage to the women's rights movement.

I Don't Need Feminism Because-12 Funny Feminist Memes That Are Sure To Trigger Some Feminists



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