Funniest Parodies On YouTube

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 9:22 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Single Ladies

This is really a double parody as it has somebody as Barack Obama singing along to a parody of the song "Single Ladies" by Beyonce. The result is something that is going to make your ribs hurt with laughing and you will watch it time and time again.

Single Ladies-Funniest Parodies On YouTube

2.Wrecking Ball

This particular parody has not been online for long, but it is already being seen as one of the funniest. It takes every single scene from the original and turns it into something that is funnier and scarier and you will never, ever forget it as they apply what the lyrics should actually be for the video.

Wrecking Ball-Funniest Parodies On YouTube

3.Beauty and the Beat

This is a Disney parody and it is a clever interpretation of the Beauty and the Beast and one that you will never forget. Clearly this is not something that you should show your kids, but you will have a seriously good laugh watching this and will have a new found admiration for Disney movies.

Beauty and the Beat-Funniest Parodies On YouTube


This parody of the song "Fireflies" by davedays is made funnier by the fact that it is all about Ikea and is filmed in an actual store. Who knows if he did it in a sneaky way or if people there were in on it, but it is still funny and if you have ever been to Ikea you will know exactly what he is talking about.

Fireflies-Funniest Parodies On YouTube

5.Tik Tok

That song by Ke$ha can be quite annoying, so it is good to see that there is a parody out there and indeed the best one is by a guy called thecomputernerd01. This parody has had over 25 million hits and you really should think about checking it out especially if you are not a fan of Ke$ha in the first place.

Tik Tok-Funniest Parodies On YouTube

6.Joker Face

Trying to do a parody of a Lady Gaga song and video is quite tough due to the way that she is quite extravagant in her own right, but in actual fact it has been achieved with this "Joker Face" parody. It goes for the same over the top look as the original, but it is very funny and very enjoyable to listen to.

Joker Face-Funniest Parodies On YouTube

7.I'm A Korean

This is a parody of the song, "I've got a feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas, but as you will hear when you listen to it there have been a few subtle changes made. It is actually an extremely funny song and in some ways it is better than the original even if that is not the intention of a parody.

I'm A Korean-Funniest Parodies On YouTube

8.One Direction

They are the biggest boy band in the world right now, so of course there are going to be parodies out there. This one of their song "What makes you beautiful" is produced by Key of Awesomeness and they really have done such a good job of ripping this song apart, but just do not allow true fans of the band to hear it as it may be too upsetting for them.

One Direction-Funniest Parodies On YouTube

9.Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys song "I want it that way" has been absolutely obliterated by Weird Al in his song "I bought on Ebay" and it really is well worth listening to. This is a song that is going to make you laugh out loud and if you hear the original you will find yourself thinking only of Ebay.

Backstreet Boys-Funniest Parodies On YouTube


That song by Alanis Morissette called "Ironic" has a problem in that many people believe that there is no real irony in there. However, this parody takes care of that as it looks at the different parts of the song and it does then add a touch of irony in there resulting in a hilarious video.

Ironic-Funniest Parodies On YouTube

11.Almost Gotye

You know that song by Gotye called "Somebody that I used to know"? Well there are a number of parodies on Youtube, but the best one has to be titled "The Star Wars that I used to know". This is so well put together and such a funny song that you will end up singing this instead of the original.

Almost Gotye-Funniest Parodies On YouTube

12.IPhone Ad

This is a funny parody of an ad for the iPhone and as soon as you watch it you will see that it has been very well put together and it really does just rip into not only the iPhone, but Apple in general. OK it is all meant as a joke, but there is a lot on there that is actually true and that is what will make you laugh.

IPhone Ad-Funniest Parodies On YouTube



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