12 Funniest Pick-up Lines

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021, 9:54 am
By:Tony Williams

A good pick-up line can get you laid! Don't believe our words? Check this picture then! Smooth, right? Your success on dating sites or apps depends a lot on how well you can converse with people. Despite having a pleasing appearance, you may still get rejected by girls if you suck at verbal communication. As we told you at the beginning, a pick-up line is an excellent way to start the proceedings, particularly when you are texting a girl for the first time. Don't know how and where to start? Read the following 12 funny pickup lines for some quick inspiration!


This pick up line does require some work on your part, but it is certainly funny even if it is a bit forward. You can just imagine her reaction at this line because it was not the kind of reply that she was hoping for when he first mentioned his baby toe.

Baby-12 Funniest Pick-up Lines

2.The Fart

It is scary to think that this may indeed work for some people because surely it is just a bit too personal to merit a response? Ok the actual pick up line itself is very funny, but be careful how you use it because it may not work out the way that you hoped.

The Fart-12 Funniest Pick-up Lines

3.Cheeky Ass

"Is that a phone in your back pocket? Because that ass is calling me!" Well, it's indeed a cheeky pick-up line, and it should make most fun-loving girls smile. However, one needs to make sure that the girl in question has a nice ass, or otherwise, the pick-up line is kind of ruined. Every girl knows whether or not her rear is attractive! Hence, a guy shouldn't throw random or generic compliments at her! Girls love compliments, and they can easily tell between flattering and genuine admiration.

Cheeky Ass-12 Funniest Pick-up Lines


4.On fire

This is showing confidence in yourself, but you cannot help but think that it would just turn into a damp squib and be a complete failure. He probably won't even have an impressive rocket, but instead a small sparkler that fizzles out in next to no time.

On fire-12 Funniest Pick-up Lines

5.Maybe Not?

Ok the only thing going for this is that it is funny, but in all honesty would you ever use it yourself? Surely there is no girl out there who would think that you were the man of her dreams when you describe has as a booger? Surely that has crossed a line?

Maybe Not?-12 Funniest Pick-up Lines

6.Funny But Clever

This is actually a brilliant pick up line because it is both funny, but ingenious at the same time. Surely that has to work although clearly you cannot do it in a bar unless you order in and even then there could be a problem.

Funny But Clever-12 Funniest Pick-up Lines


You have to admit that this is just setting yourself up for some major ribbing if you actually use this pick up line. It is just perfect for the girl to hit back with her own dig when it is more a case of Mighty Mouse than the Incredible Hulk. -1

Seriously?-12 Funniest Pick-up Lines

8.This Vitamins Pick-up Line

Most pick-up lines are sexually suggestive. They may get you b*tches, but the chances are great that some good girls may block you right away after sending such provocative lines. This vitamins pick-up line is a safe bet just in case if you are unsure what kind of girl you are approaching. It's short, but it's sweet. An average girl doesn't find it annoying or offending. If you find this "Vitamin Me" pick-up line boring, you may need to be little creative and add a bit of vitamin D to spice up things!

This Vitamins Pick-up Line -12 Funniest Pick-up Lines


Not only is this a funny pick up line, but it is also showing a certain degree of confidence, but sadly you also seem to think that the girl is an easy lay. This may or may not work as it depends on the girl in question, but hey it is still funny and that is all that matters here.

Hopeful-12 Funniest Pick-up Lines


You have to admit that this is such a cool pick up line even though it is a bit on the cheesy side and certainly very cheeky at the same time. She is either going to be shocked or she is going to absolutely love it, so take a chance to see which side of the fence she is really on.

Hotdogs-12 Funniest Pick-up Lines

11.Self Defense

This is both clever as well as funny and at least it is not that offensive at the same time. It may very well get you somewhere by using this as there is a bit of compliment and it does not rank too highly on the cheese factor.

Self Defense-12 Funniest Pick-up Lines


12.Six Inches

You have to be either brave or quite stupid to try this pick up line for real because it will either work wonderfully well or you will sink without a trace and probably be slapped in the face. However, you have to admit that it is funny and will also possibly raise a giggle.

Six Inches-12 Funniest Pick-up Lines



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