12 Funniest Internet Explorer Memes Ever

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 6:45 am
By:Tony Williams

Imagine you were Bill Gates. You are the world's richest person. You own the world's most dominant software company. Everything's great, but there's one thing that makes your company a laughing stock to millions. Oh yes, we are talking about the Internet Explorer browser! What would you do to make the Internet Explorer people's favorite browser? Forget it; it will never happen! Microsoft has been trying its best to make Internet Explorer a better browser and stop it from being a butt of all jokes on the web. Take a look at these 12 funny Internet Explorer memes to see how badly people mock IE on the internet!
1.First Time

For anyone over the age of thirty, Internet Explorer was probably what you used for your first time browsing the internet. The saying goes, that you'll always remember you first time, and many of us will. We were so excited to be able to roam the virtual world of the world wide web, we saw fireworks.

First Time-12 Funniest Internet Explorer Memes Ever


This is everyone's nightmare. You click on Internet Explorer's big blue"e" logo, with the orangy/yellow swoosh around it, and boom, you're stuck waiting for it to load before you can close it. It feels like an hour as you wait and wait and wait, and wonder why this icon is even in your list of applications.

Hanging-12 Funniest Internet Explorer Memes Ever

3.Slow As Dora The Explorer

This picture shows one of the funniest internet explorer memes! Internet Explorer and Dora the Explorer; both the names sound very similar! The teens of today, who grew up watching Dora the Explorer can draw a parallel between IE and her. There are many things in common between the two. A lot of people hate Dora the Explorer for the same reason why they hate Internet Explorer. Both Dora and IE are slow and annoying. They keep crashing! It seems there's no one better than Dora to be a celebrity endorser of Internet Explorer!

Slow As Dora The Explorer -12 Funniest Internet Explorer Memes Ever


since, since it is Google driven. Opera and Safari follow up in close second and third, and Firefox is still better than Internet Explorer.

Worthless-12 Funniest Internet Explorer Memes Ever

5.Still Sleeping

This is the perfect example of what Internet Explorer would say. While the other top browsers are moving at top speed, Internet Explorer is still asleep, until the last minute when it finally wakes up and is about to start helping someone search for something. Too late Mr. Internet Explorer.

Still Sleeping-12 Funniest Internet Explorer Memes Ever

6.Granny Internet Explorer

Even grannys are up to speed with the new browsers. This old grandmother seems to be perplexed as to why this boy is still using Internet Explorer. It is true though. With more and more older people getting online, they are like the younger generation in a sense, not knowing that Internet Explorer even existed.

Granny Internet Explorer-12 Funniest Internet Explorer Memes Ever

7.Browser Wars

Internet Explorer has always been at war it seems. First it was Netscape, then Mozilla Firefox, the Safari and now Google Chrome. The sad part is that it never won any of those battles. Always the loser, it sunk further and further into oblivion, so much so, that the younger generation hardly know it existed.

Browser Wars-12 Funniest Internet Explorer Memes Ever

8.Error: 404

The worst part about Internet Explorer was the load times. It seemed like it got worse over the years, or that newer browsers were so much faster, that in comparison, it just seemed slower and slower. And then, you got the dreaded error screen, having to go back and start all over again.

Error: 404-12 Funniest Internet Explorer Memes Ever

9.Computer Geek

Back in the early 90's you were not considered a geek if you used Internet Explorer, but today if you're still using it you may as well paint the word "Geek" on your forehead. By the mid-nineties Internet Explorer already had competition with Netscape and was losing it's users.

Computer Geek-12 Funniest Internet Explorer Memes Ever

10.Million Dollar Question

Internet Explorer is on this list of choices, along with other web browsers, only the question asks which one is NOT a web browser. This woman looks young enough to have never used Internet Explorer, so she will probably choose that as her final answer, and win the question.

Million Dollar Question-12 Funniest Internet Explorer Memes Ever

11.Is It Broken?

It became harder and harder to tell if the reason a web page or image was broken was because of the page itself, of it if it was just Internet Explorer. People started switching to other browsers to see what was going on, and soon found that they liked the speed of the new browsers much better than Internet Explorer.

Is It Broken?-12 Funniest Internet Explorer Memes Ever

12.Learn Patience

In 2003 almost everyone was using Internet Explorer. It ruled the internet, but today there is hardly anyone who still uses it. With the introduction of Mozilla /firefox, Safari and Google Chrome, Internet Explorer just couldn't keep up. As Keanu Reeves says above, maybe our patience was being tested by God.

Learn Patience-12 Funniest Internet Explorer Memes Ever



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