Funniest Billboard Graffiti

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 7:05 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Fun Crime

It seems from all these billboard pictures that graffiti is indeed a fun crime, but it's not fun when you get caught. Defacing property is a crime that is punishable by fine or imprisonment. While all these signs have been altered to make us laugh, it's not something that anyone should be doing.

Fun Crime-Funniest Billboard Graffiti

2.Stubborn Men

A perfect display of stubbornness by this graffiti artist, but a great billboard nonetheless. Although it is not stubbornness that kills men, it is embarrassment. Most are too embarrassed to get the necessary tests that can save their lives. Women? They have been having gynecology exams for most of their lives, and are more apt to get the tests they need.

Stubborn Men-Funniest Billboard Graffiti

3.Mischievous Mouse

In one of the best graffiti movements ever, this mouse is absolutely hilarious. Grabbing the breast of this model while holding a martini. It's a priceless way to make fun of the sexy ads that these companies use to sell product. The drawing is excellent and almost makes you think it is part of the ad.

Mischievous Mouse-Funniest Billboard Graffiti

4.Fast Food

A great piece of graffiti on this billboard, and absolutely correct. Burger King's all sugar billboard promotes people indulging in desserts without any mention of the consequences. The graffiti artist turned the Burger King logo into a person with diabetes. Very fitting. Maybe it will help at least one person to save themselves.

Fast Food-Funniest Billboard Graffiti

5.The Fat Get Fatter

Whoever put this sign up must have guaranteed that Wendy's made no money that day. The heavyset had to be offended, and those who were not heavyset were probably disgusted. A weird way to try to get consumers into the restaurant. More ridiculous and less effective than, "where's the beef."

The Fat Get Fatter-Funniest Billboard Graffiti

6.Five Types Of Torture

You have to really look twice at this billboard. The replacement of the original words is almost seamless. It looks as if the sign was intended to say this from the get go, but if you look closer you can see the word "torture," has been added and so has the phrase below it.

Five Types Of Torture-Funniest Billboard Graffiti

7.Amelia Earhart Trumps Orville Wright

No one really knows the meaning of the original billboard, but whoever added to it, made it a lot more interesting ... and factual. Amelia Earhart did have a license, but the Wright brothers couldn't have since flying didn't exist. It's like getting a license to fly carpet right now, even though the technology doesn't exist.

Amelia Earhart Trumps Orville Wright-Funniest Billboard Graffiti

8.I Pad My Bra

This is genius. A very funny way to use the apple logo as the beginning of a sentence. It could spark a whole slew of expressions . It is not too long ago when the company received criticism for the name, but since then it has become engrained in our language, we hardly think about it.

I Pad My Bra-Funniest Billboard Graffiti

9.Not Blemish Free

Anyone who is a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker knows that she has this raised, colorless, mole on her chin. It seems the actress never had it removed, and now someone has pointed it out as a blemish this billboard advertising clear, smooth skin. Very funny, it has probably received lots of laughs on the road.

Not Blemish Free-Funniest Billboard Graffiti

10.Recommend Dave

Funny how the English language works. Change one letter and you have an entirely different meaning. This graffiti artist changed the letter "O" in the word "Dove" to an "A" and now we have a bunch of underwear clad women recommending some guy named Dave to a friend.

Recommend Dave-Funniest Billboard Graffiti

11.Speak For Yourself

This billboard has a strange meaning, and the graffiti artist, who scribbled on it, had it right. A little "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers," type of a community they seem to be wanting to build. How are the cops inside any of us? The sign makes no sense, but the graffiti does.

Speak For Yourself-Funniest Billboard Graffiti

12.Forgot Something

This graffiti is really funny, and actually makes sense. Whoever designed this billboard forgot to have this woman get dressed. They were so concerned if she took her pill, making it seem like if she took the pill and left the house naked, then at least she wouldn't become pregnant.

Forgot Something-Funniest Billboard Graffiti



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