12 Sick But Funny Dead Baby Jokes

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 9:00 am
By:James Fraser

Have you ever heard of dead baby jokes? The jokes are an integral part of dark comedy, and they were created in the United States during the 1960s. These jokes aren't for everyone. If you are squeamish, you are going to despise these dark jokes! All these jokes center around the death of babies. As said earlier, these dead baby jokes sound very, very, inappropriate and offending, so do check them only if you don't mind reading sick humor. If you do love reading such jokes, here are the 12 dead baby jokes exclusively for you! 
1.What Is Funnier?

What is funnier than a dead baby? A dead baby in a clown costume! 
Exactly, these are kind of sick jokes you are about to see on this topic. If you can't handle these jokes, you should skip reading them right now. Babies are so adorable that many of us can't even see them crying. Here, the jokes talk about their death! These jokes give you nightmares if you are not into sick humor! 

What Is Funnier?-12 Sick But Funny Dead Baby Jokes

2.A Dead Baby And Water Melon

What is the difference between a dead baby and a watermelon? One's fun to hit with a sledgehammer; the other one is a watermelon.
It can well be the most insane and barbaric joke you have ever read, isn't it? Who will hit babies with a sledgehammer? Who feels like hitting them? No one really does that! It's just a joke, and some people actually find this funny. 

A Dead Baby And Water Melon-12 Sick But Funny Dead Baby Jokes

3.Baby And A Dartboard

"What is the difference between a baby and a dartboard? Dartboards don't bleed!"
Oh my god, does this mean babies bleed when someone hits them with a dart? They do bleed, but that's not that question here. The shocking thing here is that whoever created this joke had thought about hitting babies with darts! Listening to this joke itself makes an average person cringe hard, let alone creating one.

Baby And A Dartboard-12 Sick But Funny Dead Baby Jokes


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