Crazy Eye Make Up

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 9:03 am
By:Tony Williams


Proud as a peacock. This woman uses the color of the peacock feathers to blend with the actual feather of the peacock applied to the outer edge of her eyes. Peacocks spread their feathers to attract a mate, and maybe it will work for this woman when she goes out on the town.

Peacock-Crazy Eye Make Up

2.Cat Eye

Cat eyes in red, with red shadow, make for a spooky look. Great for Halloween, or a cool Goth look. The black liner really makes the look pop against her white skin. A fun idea but not something you would see on the street in daylight, unless you were in Hollywood.

Cat Eye-Crazy Eye Make Up


This girl looks like she was going for the superhero look with the colors and angles she chose. The eye is a great canvas to express yourself, and she certainly did. Using the eyebrows as part of the artwork, it creates a very unique look. The purple lipstick is a great addition.

Superhero-Crazy Eye Make Up

4.Turquoise Hue

This turquoise eyeshadow with turquoise eyes is quite a stunning look. With different shades of the hue, it creates depth, and a touch of black eyeliner really makes it pop. The black fake lashes really bring the whole thing together for a very polished and out there look, not to mention the face decals.

Turquoise Hue-Crazy Eye Make Up

5.Green Goblin

The green goblin would be jealous of this make up effect. With green cat eyes and green shadow, this look really pops against white skin. With dark false lashes, she looks like a cat just ready to pounce. A sexy look that probably gets lots of attention from guys and girls, alike.

Green Goblin-Crazy Eye Make Up

6.Deep Purple Dream

Purple is a great color if you can pull it off. This girl can, with her perfect skin and big green eyes. The lashes add to the cool effect, as does the glitter on the lower lid. A great party look or when going out on the town on a Saturday. Not a look to wear to the office, however.

Deep Purple Dream-Crazy Eye Make Up

7.Eye Feathers

Eye feathers and her wispy fringe bangs complete this look along with her porcelain clear complexion. She looks almost make believe. A cool idea to use upper lid feather lashes on the bottom lids. It makes the eye look elongated and doll like, if that's the look you're going for.

Eye Feathers-Crazy Eye Make Up

8.Rainbow Bright

This girl must have been a lover of the doll, Rainbow Bright. With every color of the rainbow she makes up her eyes to look like there may be a bucket of fold at the other end, but all you get is a red head. A cool look for her and it works with her porcelain skin.

Rainbow Bright-Crazy Eye Make Up

9.Black Swan

This black swan gone crazy is over the top. It makes you wonder what she will look like when she wakes up, forgetting to take it off. Talk about raccoon eyes. The lashes look more like overgrown eyebrows that you might see on your grandpa after a nap, and the shading down the face is more distracting than anything else.

Black Swan-Crazy Eye Make Up

10.Pink Eye

If you're going to get pink eye, this is the way to go. The butterfly wings on the outer corner are magnificent and the perfect shading of pink on the lower and upper lids, make this look really pop. The colored lenses add to the effect along with the fake lashes and cool, thin drawing coming from the inner corner.

Pink Eye-Crazy Eye Make Up

11.Crazy Doll

This crazy doll eye technique is perfected by the shading on the inner eye and along the nose. Her super smooth forehead gives more of the illusion that she is not real. You have to wonder what these girls do with this look. Is it all for fun, or are they slipping into a fantasy world of which they will never escape.

Crazy Doll-Crazy Eye Make Up

12.Doll Eyes

You can't get much more crazier than this. When she closes her eyes she looks like she has giant doll eyes. Kind of creepy, but well done. The application of eyelashes under her brow give the appearance that those are her real eyes. Watch out guys when you're sleeping next to her, she's watching you.

Doll Eyes-Crazy Eye Make Up



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