15 Best Joker Drawings That Give You Nightmares

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 9:56 am
By:Tony Williams

Joker is one of the most badass fictional villains known to the humankind! He is sadomasochistic. Unlike the other super villains in DC Universe, Joker has an inimitable villainous personality. His inclination towards crime and terror is driven mostly by his narcissistic and vindictive nature. Joker's wicked sense of humor has made him so famous that he has fans too! The Joker character first appeared in 1940 DC Comics books. No one knows the real name of Joker, although people speculate it to be Jack Napier. DC Comics has recently announced that it would reveal Joker's name and his story very soon. Meanwhile, see these 15 Joker drawings that incite fear instantly!

#15 Skeleton

How creepy is this drawing of the Joker? It is another one done in the comic book style, but you still recognize it as being him and the drawing itself is actually quite freaky when you sit and look at it. The artist has really done a fantastic job here and you cannot help but like it just you cannot see yourself hanging it on the wall in your house due to the way it would undoubtedly scare people.

Skeleton-15 Best Joker Drawings That Give You Nightmares

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