24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 7:34 am
By:Tony Williams

As the title suggests, the topic is a collection of "best girlfriend ever" memes. Memes; you read that, right? A best girlfriend is such a rarity that we can only portray them in memes! In a world that's full of selfish people and freeloaders, it's highly unlikely that we end up finding a perfect girl. We know you guys might have dated many girls, but hey, have you ever been with a girl who you think is worth keeping? Look at the 24 "best girlfriend ever" memes and cry why you don't have one! Hey girls, do you want to know what makes a girl perfect from an average guy's perspective? Check these memes.
1.A surprise in the fridge

A girlfriend that leaves you surprises in various places is a girlfriend that knows how to keep you happy. Imagine just going into the fridge all innocently and finding this surprise in there and how amazingly happy you would be?

A surprise in the fridge-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

2.A wonderful gift

This is an actual photograph of what one guy discovered his girlfriend had bought him when he woke up one morning. Imagine the absolute delight on your face if you walked into this and it was not even your birthday.

A wonderful gift-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

3.Get fighting

These little surprises can really help to shape a relationship and this girl is obviously wise as to what she has to do in order to keep her man happy. Who do you think wins in the battle between them?

Get fighting-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

4.A geek's paradise

This would be the absolutely perfect geeky girlfriend to have and how great a surprise would it be when you walk in the house on this day? You just know that you will have so much fun with her and that is a good enough reason to stay with her.

A geek's paradise-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

5.Life is wonderful

Does this kind of girl actually exist or is it all a figment of our imagination? This is like a dream come true for any guy, but we will be lucky to come across somebody like this.

Life is wonderful-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

6.She volunteers?

This girl is one that you never want to let go since she is more than happy for you to drink while she gets you home safe. Gone are the days of feeling guilty about it since she says she will do it unprompted.

She volunteers?-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

7.She has great taste

Just imagine a world where your girlfriend downloads things that you love to see without being prompted into doing so. Imagine waking up and it is all there ready for you to watch and if she brings the beer to you, then it is even better.

She has great taste-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

8.She joins???

Gone are the days where you are just left to play the x-box because if your girlfriend actually joins in, then she is certainly one that you need to try to keep. Let's face it you could so easily be getting a lot of hassle with others, so do not let her go.

She joins???-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

9.The perfect trophy

How cool is it that she takes your picture of the ideal woman and wants to match it no matter what she does? Imagine her changing herself to just fit in with that and not expecting anything in return, is that even possible?

The perfect trophy-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

10.She doesn't get mad??

Have you ever heard of painite? It's a kind of mineral, and the geologists consider it the rarest stone in the world. We firmly believe that the type of the girl in the meme is even rarer than painite! Wait, what? Why are we comparing girls with stones? Ah, you know it, right?! Well, coming back to the topic, we agree most guys may appreciate this kind of behavior in girls, but hey, don't you think the reason why they get mad at their boyfriends is because they love them a lot? Anyways, checking out hot women is something that many men do, and girls shouldn't take the behavior seriously unless their boyfriends do that repeatedly or they are okay with their girlfriends checking out hot guys.

She doesn't get mad??-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

11.Yep, Just The Perfect Girlfriend

Redhead... tattoo... perfect body, and as per the general beauty standards, this girl is just the ideal girlfriend for many guys. As a boy, you may or may not like her, but trust us, what many men look for in a woman is her sleek, slim, and sexy body. The person who created this meme thinks the lady is a perfect girlfriend, so let him stick to his opinion, while we keep scrolling to find the perfect girls that resonate with our opinions! We don't want looks deceive us, do we? Imagine meeting the most beautiful girl in the world, and she starts schooling you about flat earth theory!

Yep, Just The Perfect Girlfriend-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

12.Movie bliss

This would certainly be movie bliss if she just sat and watched it and did not give you a running commentary at the same time. This type of girl is very rare and that is why she is so sought after.

Movie bliss-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

13.She listens to what you say

You see this is so cool because if your girlfriend listens to you and pays attention to every detail, then surely that makes her the perfect one for you? Hell if she even goes and changes something about her in order to fit in better with your ideal woman, then why look elsewhere?

She listens to what you say-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

14.7 big qualities

If your girlfriend does indeed meet all 7 of these qualities, then you know you are onto a good thing. However, do note that this can be harder than it seems, but keep looking as she is out there.

7 big qualities-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

15.Gaming perfection

You see a lot of girlfriends would look at you preferring to play videogames in your underwear and think you were strange, but not this one. Instead, she joins in and can you really get any better than that?

Gaming perfection-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

16.She just gets it

How cool is this that she just gets references and understands perfectly where you are coming from? This level of understanding is quite rare, so when you find somebody that is on the same level as you it is important that you keep them.

She just gets it-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

17.She most certainly is

Yep if she looks like this, then she is a keeper and not only because she is athletic and hot. It also means she can play soccer with you, but she will probably beat you.

She most certainly is-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

18.She sets you up

This is the kind of forward planning that means she will always be seen as the best girlfriend ever. How cute is it that she has your needs all sorted out so that you can survive the weekend without her? This is being organized at its best.

She sets you up-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

19.One step ahead

This kind of girlfriend is always thinking one step ahead since she has the beer open and it saves you from doing it yourself. This is the type of kind act that you should be looking for at all times.

One step ahead-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

20.Hugging and playing

You see both sides win here as you can both play video games and still get those hugs as well. This gaming couple have, therefore, found the perfect way to get everything they need without disturbing their rhythm.

Hugging and playing-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

21.She reads your mind

This kind of girlfriend is able to read your mind as she knows that you are torn between a couple of games, so she plays it safe and gets you both of them. How could you possibly better somebody like her at any point in your life?

She reads your mind-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

22.A quick learner

You see with this kind of girlfriend it ends up that she realizes that she has to join in so that your relationship can grow. The fact that she takes on the task of playing video games just makes her so special.

A quick learner-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

23.Never have to help

How cool would it be if you never had to help with anything as she always had it under control? Life could not get much better if this was the case because she will just allow you to do anything that you want to do.

Never have to help-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

24.It won't get better

For many guys this would be the perfect day since it involves beer, video games, and finally sex. This would probably rank as one of the best days of their life if this was the case.

It won't get better-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read

25.Just heaven

Come on you have to admit that if you visited her house and a room looked like this you would pop the question instantly. What guy could resist a girl that has this kind of thing set up at home?

Just heaven-24 "Best Girlfriend Ever" Memes You Will Ever Read



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