15 Times Unfortunate Reflections Ruined Everything

Thursday, Aug 12, 2021, 5:44 pm
By:James Fraser

What makes a good photo? There are many things that make a good photo like scene composition, facial expressions such as smile, and many more -minus- unwanted objects or reflections. More than anything, mirrors placed at a wrong place ruin photos. Such photos not only look ugly but also very funny. Here are fifteen images that show why you need to double check your surrounding especially for a mirror, before taking a picture.
7.Wait, What?

What could possible go wrong when a naked man takes a photo of a woman sitting right in front of a mirror? You can see that in the picture! This is more than just being stupid! How can people miss such a small fact and went on to take photos? It would be good if they leave that photo there with them. Why would anyone let creepy pictures like those escape into the internet?

Wait, What?-15 Times Unfortunate Reflections Ruined Everything

8.When Dude Gets Sexy Legs

Watch this dude who was quietly checking out that lady next to him. The reflection of her legs there made that man look like he has grown a full pair or female legs. The look on his face is priceless! We bet this picture of him would go down as the most embarrassing one of all his pictures. Crop the image half and you would think those are indeed his legs.

When Dude Gets Sexy Legs-15 Times Unfortunate Reflections Ruined Everything

9.Your Window Hates You, Girl!

There are many things around us that we try to exclude from pictures. We try different angles so we don't picture those things that are either ugly, embarrassing or spoiling the beauty of a picture. Here, this lady didn't think about that mirror in the back which was actually reflecting her pink dildo! Beware of mirrors when you are taking pictures!

Your Window Hates You, Girl!-15 Times Unfortunate Reflections Ruined Everything