15 Hilarious Things Ever Happened In Apple Stores

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 6:20 pm
By:James Fraser

Every time we got out, we are sure to see weird things or people that make us say 'wtf' instantly! If you are a frequent visitor to Walmart, you already know what kind of people you could see at Walmart. You can find weird people and weird things in Apple stores too. Here are fifteen images that show hilarious things ever happened in Apple Stores.
1.Mark Wahlberg, Is That You?

This guy who took this picture has found a really interesting person in Apple Store. As you can see, the man in this picture looks very similar to Mark Wahlberg. This guy actually looks like Asian version of Mark Wahlberg. We never know Wahlberg has an Asian twin brother!

Mark Wahlberg, Is That You?-15 Hilarious Things Ever Happened In Apple Stores

2.A Wild Potato Appears

No, that was not an iPotato, and it was definitely not on sale! This potato too was one of those funniest things ever found in Apple Store. Some prankster might have put that there. This picture went viral sometime before. This iPhone 5, oops, Potato looks too funny. We hope you liked it as well.

A Wild Potato Appears-15 Hilarious Things Ever Happened In Apple Stores

3.This Guy Who Photobombed a Selfie

What do most people do when they visit an Apple store? Do they check products and their features? No! They take selfies or check their Facebook! As you can see in the image, the girl was trying to take a selfie of her. That guy who works at that store clearly knows how to photobomb her selfie!

This Guy Who Photobombed a Selfie-15 Hilarious Things Ever Happened In Apple Stores


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