15 Hilarious Responses From Grammar Nazis

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 5:29 pm
By:James Fraser

Be careful on what you are writing as texts or social media status messages. Every time you write a mistake, you are actually irritating or offending a grammar expert/nazi! Some people don't judge others based on their race or religion, but based on their spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and overall grammar! We call them grammar experts/nazis! Here are fifteen times they were found busy correcting others.
7.Sleep Well

'Sleep good' sounds fine for many of us because we keep hearing that everywhere including in movies and music. It is wrong because the word 'good' is an adjective, and can't be used to modify a verb. To modify a verb, you got to use adverbs like 'well'. 
Sleep well. (Correct)
Have a good night's sleep (Correct)
Sleep good. (Wrong)

Sleep Well-15 Hilarious Responses From Grammar Nazis

8.Error 3695: We Didn't Understand the Message Either

As we said earlier, impressing grammar nazis is a tough task, especially if your grammar is poor. All they look for in a message is perfectness in terms of grammar. Everything else including 'feelings' comes next. It's not possible for everyone to speak or write in correct English. People should at least make sure they are making some sort of sense when they speak or write.

Error 3695: We Didn't Understand the Message Either-15 Hilarious Responses From Grammar Nazis

9.Texting Ruined Our Language

Texting is a great technological advancement, and we have to agree that it has revolutionized the way we communicate with people. However, texting has ruined our language. Ever since we started texting, we reinvented spellings of many words to speed up texting, and fit more words in short texts messages.

Texting Ruined Our Language-15 Hilarious Responses From Grammar Nazis