15 Hilarious Dog Texts

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 8:35 pm
By:James Fraser

Dogs are the most loved animal species on this planet. Have you ever wondered what it will be like to own a dog that can actually talk? If a dog can speak, will it be talking to us in an obliging manner, as it always behaves, or will it talk to us like our friend who cracks jokes on us, or with us? 
1. Classy Snowy Came in Her Sexy Car to Pick Her Friend up

In what could be an owner’s true nightmare, a dog texted its master that it is all set to go for a ride in his girlfriend’s car! Can you guess where they are going? They are going to the town to bark at pigeons! 

 Classy Snowy Came in Her Sexy Car to Pick Her Friend up-15 Hilarious Dog Texts

2.Reason Why You Need to be a Little Careful with an Overly Obedient Dog

Everybody likes to have an obedient dog. When the dog is overly obedient, things go to sh!t sometimes. Exactly how this obedient yet sarcastic dog does it.

Reason Why You Need to be a Little Careful with an Overly Obedient Dog-15 Hilarious Dog Texts

3.Dog Knows iPhones do not Work with Paws

Despite hating Apple for not making phones for dogs, this geeky and sassy dog is all after the iPhone 5S! The dog even had a postman’s finger to operate the phone. Yes, it bites off the postman’s finger, and it is has its eyes on the remaining nine fingers as well!

Dog Knows iPhones do not Work with Paws-15 Hilarious Dog Texts

4.Owner before Boner, the Greatest Dog Quote Ever

This dog sounds a little crude, but surprised us all with what could go down in history as the best quote ever said by a dog! Owner before boner!

Owner before Boner, the Greatest Dog Quote Ever-15 Hilarious Dog Texts

5.This Dog Deserves a Doscar Award, if not a Dobel Prize

What an actress! This pug sneaked into old people’s home for free biscuits, dressed like an old woman. “Woof woof,” sorry, my cough sounds a little different my dear fellow old people, where are my biscuits?

This Dog Deserves a Doscar Award, if not a Dobel Prize-15 Hilarious Dog Texts

6.A Stick is a Stick after All

Who gets a beating from grandpa? Is it the dog or its owner? Let us know! Meanwhile, check if there are old people sitting nearby, before throwing sticks at your dogs. Fortunately, it is a stick, not a ball! 

A Stick is a Stick after All-15 Hilarious Dog Texts

7.A Pervert Dog Texts its Master

We hope this texting dog is a poodle too, hoping there is no ‘interbreedcial’ stuff going on there. We want to keep the discussion on this topic short; because we suspect the dogs or humans who are reading this may be busy checking a website! 

A Pervert Dog Texts its Master-15 Hilarious Dog Texts


8.A Neutered Dog Revenge

A real bad day for this pizza delivery guy, who is about to get bitten in his balls, by a monstrous bush. Yes, a bush! That’s what he will tell to his friends a month after. We know the real story though!

A Neutered Dog Revenge-15 Hilarious Dog Texts

9.The Prankster Dog

Meet the prankster that sets his master up perfectly in a broad daylight prank! Poor owner has to deal with the lady standing near his car. Let us hope she is not a PETA activist!

The Prankster Dog-15 Hilarious Dog Texts


10.Who is Wasting the Toilet Paper?

This ‘Mummy Dog’ says it is using the toilet paper to fuel its imagination, while all humans use it to wipe their a$ses. No exaggeration, the dog means it! 

Who is Wasting the Toilet Paper?-15 Hilarious Dog Texts

11.When the Muffin Tastes Unusually Good

Owners of dogs are quite used to finding regular foods taste wonderfully good or horribly bad. The owner here was happily munching a blueberry muffin that was licked by his dog. The other day, we heard a lady telling her peers about an unusual smell and flavor in her chocolate cake.

When the Muffin Tastes Unusually Good-15 Hilarious Dog Texts

12.World’s Biggest Secret, Unearthed

Finally this little rude dog learned the hardest truth of its life. “Humans are attacking us, not those lifeless vacuum cleaners,” said Ted, the Terrier to its friend!

World’s Biggest Secret, Unearthed-15 Hilarious Dog Texts

13.World’s Dumbest Dog Award goes to…

Claim the reward? From whom? This little dog missed the smallest of life’s logics, sounding absolutely dumb and cute at the same time. 

World’s Dumbest Dog Award goes to…-15 Hilarious Dog Texts

14.The Letter is Yummy, but not as much as Postman’s Hand

The dog did not eat homework, but ate a letter from his bank this time. It is shamelessly sharing the news with its owner, telling him the letter ‘tasted’ a little important. 

The Letter is Yummy, but not as much as Postman’s Hand-15 Hilarious Dog Texts

15.Thunder Twonk, the Two Legged Twat Monkey

We must feel glad that we are named by our parents, not by dogs, random animals or name-generator robots! See how a dog named its master ‘Thunder Twonk’, and came up with an even more interesting tagline ‘the two legged twat monkey’!

Thunder Twonk, the Two Legged Twat Monkey -15 Hilarious Dog Texts



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