15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 6:10 pm
By:James Fraser

The world is no short of dumb people, and will never run out of them. What makes a person dumb? There are many things that make a person dumb from ignorance to inability to think right and logically. Dumb people look like everyone until they open their mouth or let their feelings out. Here are fifteen dumb people who have come up with dumbest tweets ever!
1.Baracco Barner

This name sounds like name of a multivitamin capsule or some weird herbal product! Can you guess who Baracco Barner is? Yes, right! She means Barack Obama! The worst hasn't come yet! She's from UK, not US! Apparently, she thinks Baracco Barner is UK's president! We don't have clue on what she was talking about!

Baracco Barner-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

2.Happy Labor Day to All Mothers in the World

Did that person skipped school? If you are not from US; US celebrates first Monday of September every year as Labor Day, marking American labor movement. This person from unknown country has got Labor Day completely wrong. This is why we all call them dumb! Dumb people are dumb because they deny knowledge, and live in their own insane world!

Happy Labor Day to All Mothers in the World-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

3.Someone Went Full Retard There

There's a thing called Google, and it would answer all our questions better than mom, dad, teacher or sometimes even God! This guy clearly doesn't know both Rock and Dwayne Johnson are same. All he could have done before posting this nonsense is some Google search. This guy can be a strong contender for 'world's dumbest person' award. 

Someone Went Full Retard There-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever


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