15 Disney Subliminal Messages That Will Blow You Away

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 11:28 am
By:Tony Williams

Disney is inarguably the best children's entertainment company ever. Millions of kids have grown up watching Disney movies and TV shows. We all loved Disney when we were kids, but do you know Disney is notorious for sneaking in sexual jokes, innuendos, and subliminal messages in their content? The Children's entertainment giant says it never adulterates kids cartoons, but the following pictures and videos say otherwise. We were too young to understand those hidden messages then, but now it's time to check them! Take a look at 15 Disney subliminal messages that shouldn't have appeared in children's cartoons in first place. Mark our words; they are very, very, shocking! 

1.Pocahontas Subliminal Messages

Pocahontas movie too has its share of subliminal messages and sexual innuendos. Some people argue that the word SEX appears far too many times in the movie. Look out for leaves spelling it out, people spelling it out, and even guys doing sexual things with their hands, and several other subliminal messages that are not exactly meant to be in a Disney cartoon! Pocahontas movie has been a serious subject of discussion among Disney haters since its initial release in 1995. They also remind that real Pocahontas (born Matoka) was an underage 13-year-old girl when she met John Smith, who was 28 years old at that time!

Pocahontas Subliminal Messages-15 Disney Subliminal Messages That Will Blow You Away

2.Donald Duck

One of the impressive things about Donald Duck is that you can get away with quite a lot due to the way that he speaks. The person doing the voice can drop in little swear words every now and then and in this scene, which dates from 1937, he does appear to curse by shouting 'F*** You' at the spring. If you find the scene do listen to it and try to convince yourself that he did not just say that.

Donald Duck-15 Disney Subliminal Messages That Will Blow You Away

3.Hunchback And Notre Dame Subliminal Message

In one of the scenes in the movie, a fire flame is shown in a way that it depicts the breasts of Esmeralda. It does look like a female figure set in flames, but remember there is absolutely no chance of spotting it while watching the movie. One has to pause the scene to see it. If you are convinced that the flame looks like a female figure, at least one person in the movie's animation team should have got the idea too. Remember, they create every character and scene from the scratch. 

Hunchback And Notre Dame Subliminal Message-15 Disney Subliminal Messages That Will Blow You Away

4.Little Mermaid 2

This scene was actually changed later on to something that was more child friendly and you can actually see why they had to do this. In the original version the priest was a bit excited about performing a ceremony, but it was too obvious and it had to be edited out later on as nobody should really see a priest being all excited like that should they?

Little Mermaid 2-15 Disney Subliminal Messages That Will Blow You Away

5.Jessica Rabbit

In a way this is like the cartoon moment that is the equivalent of that scene in Basic Instinct. Here the heroine, and sweetheart of millions, Jessica Rabbit does indeed reveal what can only be described as her special smile. This is what so many people wanted to see from the moment she walked on that screen, but little did we know that this was in store later on.

Jessica Rabbit-15 Disney Subliminal Messages That Will Blow You Away

6.Mickey Mouse Subliminal Message

The posts you are reading on the topic are mostly conspiracy theories conceived by over-enthusiastic people. There is always an element of doubt linked to them. However, this Minnie and Mickey Mouse picture looks too convincing to debunk any possible conspiracy theory! The absurd Minnie Mouse dress instantly grabs your attention, as it looks very much like a penis than an actual outfit. Mickey Mouse does look like he has his hand on a giant blue penis! It clearly looks like a work of perverted artist!

Mickey Mouse Subliminal Message -15 Disney Subliminal Messages That Will Blow You Away

7.The Little Mermaid

This one is very clever and the animators did initially do a good job of blending it in and getting it past all of the checks that are in place before a movie is launched. As you can see in the close up part of the image it does indeed show what could only be described as a phallic symbol on the palace. Yes a giant golden penis appears in the Little Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid-15 Disney Subliminal Messages That Will Blow You Away

8.Aladdin Subliminal Message

Aladdin is one of the most popular Disney franchises of all time, and boy, don't we all love the movie and TV series? We all see Aladdin as a quiet guy and a kind soul, but in fact he rumored to subtly ask teenagers to take off their clothes in one of the Aladdin movie scenes! Some say that it doesn't even sound like the actual voice of Aladdin, while many other argue that he clearly says, "Good teenagers, take off your clothes." Watch the following video to hear the shocking subliminal message

Aladdin Subliminal Message -15 Disney Subliminal Messages That Will Blow You Away

9.Lion King Subliminal Message

This is one of the most notorious Disney subliminal messages ever. One doesn't need to put a lot of thought to figure out what's wrong in the image. This particular scene in the Lion King movie created a lot of controversy a few years ago. The Disney animators argued that they wanted to show the word SFX to honor the movie's SFX team. Many people alleged that perverted Disney animators purposely added the SEX subliminal message in the movie. Disney, on the other hand, refuted all such allegations saying it never pollutes its most trusted children's entertainment business with age-inappropriate content.

Lion King Subliminal Message  -15 Disney Subliminal Messages That Will Blow You Away


This one is quite subtle, but if you look hard enough, and look at it having been drawn out for you at the bottom, then the word sex is definitely in the rope. Is this just a coincidence or have the animators at Disney been playing games again? We will probably never know the answer.

Tangled-15 Disney Subliminal Messages That Will Blow You Away

11.The Lion King

This one has to be outlined in order to really see it, but in the Lion King the main poster does appear to have a drawing of a woman with pants on in the face. After looking at the image on the right it does become immediately clear that this is indeed the case and now you cannot stop seeing it no matter how often you try to look away.

The Lion King-15 Disney Subliminal Messages That Will Blow You Away

12.The Rescuers Subliminal Scene

If you freeze a certain scene in the Disney movie, The Rescuers, then you will see that there is a little extra something in the background that should never ever be present in a children's film. Yes, that's a picture of topless woman in the background! No, it hasn't been Photoshopped. Apparently, the semi-naked woman is shown through one of the two windows, so it's not even a photo frame hanging on the wall. This picture caused a major uproar in the 90s, and Disney had to recall 3.4 million copies of The Rescuers movie DVDs.

The Rescuers Subliminal Scene -15 Disney Subliminal Messages That Will Blow You Away

13.Subliminal Message In DuckTales

We don't quite remember why Uncle Scrooge was unhappy, but something else in the frame caught our attention! Have you noticed it yet? If you look at the eye chart in the background, you will notice something weird! Yes, the alphabets on the chart read 'Ask about Illuminati'! Well, this is a clear case of Disney trolling its audience. Many people were angry on Disney for inducting such dark humor in children's cartoon shows. As you may know, a lot of people, particularly those who are religious, hate satanic cults like Illuminati. Walt Disney is strongly rumored to be a staunch illuminati supporter.  

Subliminal Message In DuckTales-15 Disney Subliminal Messages That Will Blow You Away

14.101 Dalmatians Nazi Symbol

Apparently, a Dalmatian in '101 Dalmatian' has the Nazi symbol a.k.a. Swastika on its coat. It does look like it was purposely drawn by the artists. Well, Disney founder Walt Disney was rumored to be anti-Semitic. He was also said to be a big admirer of Adolf Hitler. It isn't just a mere speculation. Many people who worked for Disney including a few celebrities who personally knew Walt Disney confirmed his hate toward Jewish people. Do you really think someone can draw a Swastika accidentally? 

101 Dalmatians Nazi Symbol -15 Disney Subliminal Messages That Will Blow You Away

15.Is Donald Duck Playing With His Stuff?

How can anyone think that this particular Disney moment is appropriate? It clearly looks inapt. It gives us an impression that Donald Duck is playing with his male goodies! Come on, we aren't dirty minded. The picture definitely looks so. The Disney animation team might have found the scene a little inappropriate, but they still didn't put an effort to make it less controversial. Just in case if you don't know what exactly is happening there, Donald Duck nephews put a bunny under his blanket. 

Is Donald Duck Playing With His Stuff? -15 Disney Subliminal Messages That Will Blow You Away



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