12 Healthy And Pretty Nails Tips You Can Try Today

Monday, Aug 16, 2021, 4:30 pm
By:James Fraser

Almost all young women desire beautiful nails, but a lot of them find it difficult to keep their fingernails healthy and shining. Girls, don't you like it when your nails shimmer despite not having nail polish on them? Most women tend to neglect their nails because they are almost always hiding them beneath a layer of polish or lacquer. Beautiful fingernails speak for themselves! They don't need to be covered up. If you wish to beautify your nails, simply follow these 12 DIY nail tips, tricks, and hacks!
7.Treat Nail Infections With Vicks VapoRub

Nail infections occasionally bother girls who continuously expose their fingernails to harsh chemicals of nail polish, removers, thinners, etc. One should never neglect an infected nail because it may progress to the extent that a doctor needs to eradicate it to save the finger. That sounds scary, right? Whenever you suspect a fungal infection in the fingernail, apply Vicks VapoRub on it. The therapeutic compounds in VapoRub are quite capable of killing microbes.

Treat Nail Infections With Vicks VapoRub-12 Healthy And Pretty Nails Tips You Can Try Today

8.Want To Make Your Nail Polish Last Long?

Have you ever wondered why nail polish applied by a professional manicurist lasts very long? There's no magic involved! They use the base coat, an essential part of a professional manicure. Most of the salons use rubberized base coat as opposed to the conventional ones for better results. Those rubberized base coats aren't expensive, as you may grab a good one for yourself under ten bucks. A premium base coat often comes with tons of other features such as moisturizing capabilities. Basecoats address a wide range of nail issues from dryness, brittleness, to prevent nail lacquer from staining the nails.

Want To Make Your Nail Polish Last Long?-12 Healthy And Pretty Nails Tips You Can Try Today

9.Avoiding Nail Polish Bubbles

Bubbles in nail polish look ugly. No matter how well you try, you sometimes can't do anything except watch them ruining your manicure. The biggest cause of bubbles is the way you handle the nail polish bottle. Never shake a nail polish bottle before applying it on the nails. If you want to loosen up the nail polish, just hold the bottle between your palms and gently rub it. This way, your hands produce heat, which then passes through the nail polish bottle, allowing the thick polish or lacquer to thin up.

Avoiding Nail Polish Bubbles-12 Healthy And Pretty Nails Tips You Can Try Today