12 Ways To Become A Pastel Goth

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 1:30 pm
By:James Fraser

Pastel Goth is a sub-trend to the goth subculture which was started in the United Kingdom during the 1980s and spread to many parts of the world. As you know, people who follow this culture wear black clothes, dark lipstick, black nail lacquer, etc. Pastel Goth (also goes by the names nu goth and soft grunge) has emerged, attracting the attention of a lot of young people around the world. The words pastel and goth are clearly two contradicting terms, and as the name pastel goth suggests, this new drift is defined by the replacement of traditional dark-colored outfits, makeup, accessories, etc. with ones that have lighter hues. This fashion fusion looks very promising, and if you want to jump on this pastel goth bandwagon, read and find out these 12 easy ways to become one!
1.Inspect Your Closet

The good news is that you can use some of your old clothes, particularly the black outfits or skinny jeans/leggings of dark and pastel colors. Remember, you can't use strikingly bright and colorful garments to create a pastel goth look. Check this picture and look how the girl managed to produce an excellent fusion of light and dark colors. Ideally, your outfit should have contrasting colors on the top and the bottom. If you don't find any such clothes in your closet, it is time to go out and buy some dresses as a step one to embrace pastel goth style.

Inspect Your Closet-12 Ways To Become A Pastel Goth

2.Colorize Your Hair With Light Hues

Unlike traditional goths, people who follow pastel goth style colorize their hair with light hues of pink, violet, maroon, etc. Colored hair is one of the most striking aspects of pastel goth fashion, so one shouldn't ignore it. Goths have black or very dark hair, and if you don't dye your hair with pastel colors, people will only recognize you as a goth, not as a pastel goth. Have a look at the girl's hair in this picture. You need to colorize your hair that way. Remember, you don't need to use pink color as her. You can pick any color of your choice, but the only thing is that it should look very light.

Colorize Your Hair With Light Hues-12 Ways To Become A Pastel Goth

3.Work On Your Makeup Skills

Makeup is another critical piece of nu goth or soft grunge fashion, without which you never look like you belong to the culture. Traditional goths use black lipstick, dark eye shadow, and black eyeliner. They use lighter foundation to make their face look very pale. The result is somewhat creepy, and we all know how it appears. As someone who embraces pastel goth, you need to make sure you replace the dark colors in your makeup with something colorful. Check the girl in this picture for inspiration. You are free to experiment as long as you stick to pastel colors or light hues.

Work On Your Makeup Skills-12 Ways To Become A Pastel Goth

4.Dressing Style

We have already discussed color preferences of outfits at the beginning of this topic. Now, let's talk about the dressing style. Tops like tees, sweaters, shirts, etc. should have goth symbols like inverted cross or short dismal quotes in a spooky font. They can be paired with just about anything like a miniskirt, leather pants, jeans, and pre-torn leggings. Corsets do the job as well as long as they have dark or pastel colors. Pick unique-looking clothes that help you to stand out from the crowd. Just check this picture for some pastel goth dressing style inspiration. She looks great in those outfits, doesn't she?

Dressing Style-12 Ways To Become A Pastel Goth

5.Pastel Goth Footwear

Footwear is another critical piece of pastel goth fashion; hence, one shouldn't ignore it and wear random shoes or sandals. Boots, platform shoes, chucks, creepers, etc. work great as long as they are black or dark in color. Some people prefer pastel colored footwear to darker ones. Although black is more of a standard color, you are free to take sides with dark colors or light hues. Remember, your shoes or sandals must look unique. Take a look at these spooky pumps in the picture! You are supposed to buy something like them.

Pastel Goth Footwear-12 Ways To Become A Pastel Goth

6.Hair Accessories

Hey, dresses alone can't give you that nu goth look. You need to invest some money in hair accessories as well. We don't often find goth girls wearing hair accessories. As you know, goth subculture is all about looking dark from top to bottom. All they express with their appearance is misery. Pastel goth isn't like that, and people who follow it articulate more feelings via their clothes, makeup, and accessories, etc. Coming back to hair accessories, you can buy stuff like snapbacks, bonnets, bows, or spiky/floral headbands to enhance pastel goth style. Choose the ones that look a little spooky!

Hair Accessories-12 Ways To Become A Pastel Goth


Some goths who are fed up with their dark appearance have started this nu goth movement recently.  Their idea is that one can still be a goth by heart while not looking like one, with black outfits, pale skin, and spiky hair. As a pastel goth follower, you don't need to look bleak like a traditional goth, and you are allowed to wear jewelry or other fashion, hair, head, and wrist accessories. Purchase jewelry that has skulls, skeletons, or spikes and studs on them. Whatever you buy, make sure they are either dark or pastel in color and have that element of spookiness to them.

Jewelry-12 Ways To Become A Pastel Goth



Buy handbags that have the shapes of a bat, coffin, gravestone, unicorn, reversed cross, 666, or other satanic/cult figures printed on them. Handbags aren't a necessary element of soft grunge style, but having them as a part of costume boosts your appearance. Hey, don't carry a random handbag or wallet while dressed as a pastel goth. Buy a crazy-looking handbag; you can find a lot of them during the Halloween season. Now that the Halloween is gone, you may find them only on online shopping websites like Amazon or eBay. If you are not willing to purchase any new handbag, a black or dark-colored bag works as a good substitute.

Handbags-12 Ways To Become A Pastel Goth

9.Body Piercings

A goth without body piercing doesn't look like he/she belongs to the culture! Goths usually have their ears, nose, tragus, tongue, etc. pierced. When it comes to pastel goth style, the body piercings style remains more or less the same. A pastel goth is expected to have a few piercings on their body. If you don't have body piercings already, you may get one on any of the body parts mentioned above. A pastel goth without body piercing looks incomplete, so seriously think about getting body rings or studs. If you are newly getting them, don't forget to weigh in the advantages and disadvantages of body piercings.

Body Piercings-12 Ways To Become A Pastel Goth



Tattoos are another significant aspect of goth culture, and the same importance applies to pastel goth as well. Tattoos on visible parts of the body make a pastel goth follower look more attractive and appealing. Like body piercings, a pastel goth without tattoos looks incomplete. Hence, if you are planning to become a pastel goth, plan on getting some tattoos as well. If you want to dress like a nu goth occasionally, you may try a temporary tattoo. Don't try crazy tattoo experiments as we have seen many people who regretted getting their body inked.

Tattoos-12 Ways To Become A Pastel Goth

11.Don't Care What Goths Say To You!

Now that the appearance part of the topic is completed let's focus on some social issues. Many traditional goths have disapproved pastel goth culture like how they rejected many sub-trends in the past. They say pastel goth is Satanism and it doesn't really stand for the basic principles of goth culture. If you are an aspiring pastel goth, you first need to stop worrying about what goths say about pastel goth culture or followers. Being confident and expressing yourself is the two primary aspects of the nu goth trend, so stay positive, happy, and be expressive!

Don't Care What Goths Say To You!-12 Ways To Become A Pastel Goth

12.Men Can Be Pastel Goths Too

Mostly, girls are following the pastel goth trend presently, and we must say that a lot of guys are keeping themselves away from it because they don't like to see themselves in colorful dresses and hairstyles. If you are a guy and want to become a pastel goth, just make yourself look like this guy in the picture! If you don't find that guy attractive, then this culture is not for you. Remember folks; pastel goth style is all about decorating yourself with pastel colored dresses, accessories, hairstyles, etc. Anyone can do that irrespective of their age, gender, or body shape.

Men Can Be Pastel Goths Too-12 Ways To Become A Pastel Goth



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