24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 7:02 am
By:Tony Williams

Scooby Dooby Doo, Where are you? We've got some work to do now! Scooby Dooby Doo, Where are you? We need some help from you now! Hey, 90s kids, did we just remind you one of the best and beautiful moments of your childhood? Ah, Scooby Doo was a classic cartoon TV show, and it's something we all enjoyed watching when we were kids. Let's cherish and relive our Scooby Doo moments by watching these 24 people cosplay Velma, Daphne, Shaggy, and Fred characters. What about Scooby Doo? Scooby Dooby Doo, well, he's on the list too!
1.Fred Left Out

Fred looks a little jealous here as Daphne and Velma engage in more than a lip lock. It always seemed the Fred and Daphne were the ones who hooked up, but maybe the two girls secretly had a thing for each other. We never got to see this side of them in the cartoon series.

Fred Left Out-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

2.Scooby On The Loose

Looks like Scooby's on the loose, out on his own without his friends. Maybe he's trying to solve a mystery by himself, or maybe he just got separated from Shaggy. We seldom would see Scooby without his trusty companion, "Shaggy, in the Scooby Doo: Where Are You" animated tv series.

Scooby On The Loose-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

3.Kim Kardashian Style Velma

We can't help but notice how Velma looks weirdly similar to Kim Kardashian in this cosplay rendition of the cartoon character. And by cartoon character, we mean Velma not Kim. With big pouty lips and high arched eyebrows, she's got the Kim hairdo and look down pat while wearing Velma's orange.

Kim Kardashian Style Velma-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

4.The Gang's All Here

Well, anyone who wants to do a group cosplay can pick Scooby Doo theme, and the peeps in the picture had done exactly that. Don't get inspired by these cosplayers, though. They probably pulled off the cheapest cosplay feat ever! Do you really think a couple of wigs can make the two lads look like Shaggy and Fred? That Asian-looking girl doesn't even have Velma-inspired glasses! The girl who cosplayed Daphne looks good, though. The good thing is at least Scooby Doo is there in some sort of form. The Scooby Doo stuffed animal surely helps when you don't own a giant Great Dane or have no friend to cosplay the character!

The Gang's All Here-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

5.Armed And Dangerous Velma

If Velma were a badass, she would probably look like this girl in the picture. Oh boy, these cosplayers are really taking the Scooby Doo TV series characters to a whole new territory altogether - arming them in Rambo-style, with guns and high-speed arrows! This cosplayer girl in the picture toughened it up with a ripped shirt, rag tied around her arm, a gun in one hand, and a bow in other. Her glasses and colors of the ensemble reflect the classic Velma Dinkley character. This Velma cosplay is by far the sexiest of all on the list.

Armed And Dangerous Velma-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

6.The Girls

The girls were so different yet compliment each other as friends and mystery solvers. Velma Dinkley was book smart, near sighted, and more concerned with intelligence than looks, while Daphne was good looking, danger prone and excitable. Daphne had great intuition, that was a great help to the gang.

The Girls-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever


Shaggy and Scooby Doo were best friends for life. If Shaggy were a dog he would be Scooby and vice versa. They often though alike and acted alike, afraid of their own shadow but stumbling upon solutions to all the crazy mysteries they encountered. Scooby got his name from a Frank Sinatra song, "Strangers in the Night" which featured the lyrics "doo-be-doo-be-doo."

BFF's-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

8.Fred & The Girls

Here we've got Fred Jones double fisted with Daphne Blake and Velma Dinkley. Fred most often teamed up with Daphne, but Velma would join in as well. The brains of the group, usually brought clarity to solving the mystery. While Fred was typically the leader, Daphne could manipulate him with her looks.

Fred & The Girls-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

9.A Very Shaggy Shaggy

This Shaggy is pretty on target as far as how Shaggy would look in real life. The disheveled hippy with long hair would seem to look similar to this guy, although we are not sure what he is licking. Sort of a coward and a slacker, we could picture him to fit in well with the cast of "That 70's Show."

A Very Shaggy Shaggy-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

10.Studious Velma

Studious Velma never wore her skirts this short, but most cosplayers love to sexify her as much as possible. Supposedly born with a mystery book in her hand, she was the one who solved most of the cases and loved to bribe Scooby with Scooby Snacks, to get him to help out.

Studious Velma-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

11.Scooby Wants His Scooby Snacks

Scooby loves snacks a lot, especially the Scooby snacks. The snacks became so popular that Warner Bros. licensed the name and offered real dog treats to the world under the brand name Snausages. We aren't sure if they are available now, but back in the 90s when the show's popularity was at its peak, vanilla wafers were sold in stores with the name Scooby Snacks for human consumption. Today, Scooby snacks is a slang term for weed brownies, so don't go around the town looking for them! 

Scooby Wants His Scooby Snacks-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

12.Looking For Scooby

Looks like the gang is searching for Scooby. He would often get lost and end up solving the mystery, but not before getting into all sorts of trouble, and taking Shaggy along for the ride. Scooby is lucky to have such loyal friends who always save him from all the jams he gets himself into.

Looking For Scooby-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

13.The Gang In The 18th Century

This Scooby Doo cosplay is a great take on the gang, dating them back to the 18th century. Still wearing their iconic colors, we see Fred in his white shirt and orange ascot, while Daphne is still all about her purple. Velma retains her orange glow and Shaggy is still Shaggy, in his green ensemble.

The Gang In The 18th Century-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

14.Fred & Velma

Fred and Velma on the lookout for clues. Fred was typically the leader when the gang would set off to solve mysteries. He usually paired off with Daphne, but sometimes Velma would join them. His speciality was setting traps for the bad guys, but usually Scooby or Shaggy mistakenly would get trapped instead.

Fred & Velma-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

15.The Map

This is another great cosplay group this time using the infamous map. There was always a map in the "Scooby Doo: Where Are You?" series. This is how they solved their mysteries, but it was always Scooby who stumbled upon the answer, often with Shaggy in tow. The most afraid of the bunch always solved the case.

The Map-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

16.Fred And Velma Fighting Together

This cosplay has to be one of the strangest on the topic. It seems the two cosplayers are fighting off zombies! Velma is fully loaded with ammunition and a gun while Fred appears to be using a bat. The kind artillery Velma has, Fred probably doesn't need to use his bat at all! A dog is the best weapon during a zombie apocalypse. Not only does it warn you of a zombie attack, but the four-legged friend also protects you from zombies! Sadly, Scooby is missing in this cosplay photo too. 

Fred And Velma Fighting Together-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

17.Zombie Daphne

There are a whole group of Scooby Doo coplayers who have taken the gang into zombieland. With ripped clothing, bloody bodies and pale skin, they even have weapons. Here we've got a zombie Daphne Blake, still wearing her purple dress, but no scarf for this undead version. Even her hair is a darker red.

Zombie Daphne-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

18.Super Sized Velma

Velma can take on any shape or size, as proven by this full bodied cosplayer. Donning the Velma Dinkley orange hued attire, she proves that skinny is not always where it's at. With an ample bosom, she pulls off the look of a sexy Velma is a much more voluptuous way.

Super Sized Velma-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

19.Sexy Daphne

Hey, who's the hotter girl of the two, Daphne or Velma? Daphne should win hands down, but Velma is an amazing geeky brains girl that many men hate to let go! When it comes to looks, Daphne Blake has an upper hand. This sexy cosplay just proves that. However, we think the dress looks little too hot to the liking of an average Scooby Doo fan! As you can see in the picture, the cosplayer girl turned iconic Sexy Daphne purple dress into a form-fitting latex embodiment.

Sexy Daphne-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

20.Hot And Sexy Velma

The girls who love to wear sexy cosplay costumes don't often prefer Velma because the original character doesn't wear sexy dresses. Well, this girl in the picture exactly knows how to look hot even while cosplaying a nerdy character. She really looks hot with her Velma-inspired crop top, miniskirt, and glasses. She possibly gets four on a scale 1 to 10 concerning resemblance to Velma Dinkley, but the number would surely go up a lot higher if we were to rate her based on hot looks!

Hot And Sexy Velma-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

21.Kiddie Velma

Little girls everywhere love Velma and aspire to be her. In all actuality, she's a pretty good role model for young girls who are bombarded with the likes of Miley Cyrus. Velma shows that being smart is a good thing and can also be fun. It's always nice to see little girls take on this type of idol.

Kiddie Velma-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

22.Where's Scooby?

This picture shows one more Scooby Doo group cosplay in action! From left to right, we have Scooby Doo's best friend, Shaggy Rogers, the studious, Velma Dinkley, the handsome Fred Jones, and his girlfriend, the sexy Daphne Blake. Wait a minute. Are we missing someone or something here? Yes - Scooby Doo is missing! We agree that sometimes it's difficult to bring a dog to a cosplaying event, but at least the group should have worked to find an alternative. The other group of friends on the topic used a stuffed Scooby Doo toy.

Where's Scooby?-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

23.Velma Dinkley

Velma doesn't score well when it comes to looks, but many girls prefer her to Daphne to cosplay. Their choice, perhaps, has something to do with the character's distinctiveness and popularity. Of course, dressing up as Velma Dinkley is as easy as it can be. One just needs to buy a pair of clothes, glasses, and shoes to bear a resemblance to Velma. Coming back to the actual topic, this girl is undeniably one of the best Velma cosplayers on the list. Her appearance looks identical to that of the Velma character.

Velma Dinkley-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever

24.Shaggy And Scooby

Shaggy and Scooby Doo made quite a team in the infamous cartoon that premiered in 1969 running until 1972. They were best friends and had a lot of the same personality traits. Both were got scared easily as they joined their friends, Fred, Daphne and Velma, as they rode around in a van solving mysteries.

Shaggy And Scooby-24 Best Scooby Doo Cosplays Ever



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