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Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 9:28 am
By:Tony Williams


TMZ posts an exclusive story at least once a day. The website isn't the best looking and neither are the blurry photos they use alongside the stories. However, the site has become of the most credible news outlets. It was the first site to report that Michael Jackson died in 2009. The website does have a habit of throwing jabs at certain celebrities, but that is often overlooked since they do report factual information most of the time.

TMZ-Top Celebrity Blogs


Buzzfeed is a mix of celebrity news, random lists, fashion, trends and anything related to the entertainment industry. The website isn't CNN or MSNBC, but it does report on some hard-hitting news events and stories every once in a while. Buzzfeed also likes to take subtle, but friendly, jabs at celebrities.

Buzzfeed-Top Celebrity Blogs

PopSugaris another Pop Culture blog that focuses on posting photos of celebrities and writing their own commentary to go along with it. Some of the photos are exclusive, while others can be found just by visiting that particular celebrity's Twitter or Instagram. The site is flooded with photos on a daily basis, which is why it is one of the most popular blogs out there. Celebrity Blogs

4.Yeeeah! is not for everyone. If you're easily offended and like your blogs to report on just the facts, then visiting this site should not be on your to-do list. Almost all of the blog posts on Yeeeah! have a snarky and sarcastic undertone. If these celebrities saw some of the posts over there, they'd probably end up crying themselves to sleep.

Yeeeah!-Top Celebrity Blogs

5.ONTD (Oh Not They Didn't!)

Oh No They Didn't! is a popular celebrity blog that uses livejournal to post articles. ONTD posts always have 300+ replies from users. Though it's a blog, the website's set up makes the discussion section look more like a forum. The website reports on news about all kinds of celebs, even if they haven't worked on a movie in over 10 years.

ONTD (Oh Not They Didn't!)-Top Celebrity Blogs is one of the top-ranking celebrity blogs. The site has consistently claimed to have exclusive stories, but the writers have just recycled information from other websites. The writers don't spell-check their blogs before posting them. And even worse, the website doesn't check its facts thoroughly either. With the amount of stolen and false stories reported on a weekly basis, it's hard to believe that this website has not been sued. Stolen stories and all, Media Take Out has a high ranking on Google. Celebrity Blogs

7.Go Fug Yourself

This blog's name is enough to have you coming back for more. The website focuses on celebrity news, television and movie recaps, magazines and more. The staff isn't made up of hard-hitting journalists. And the writers have a tendency to create blogs updating their readers on their own personal experiences. Still, the website's commentary is fun to read. The blogs posted over at Go Fug Yourself have a tendency to create lots of discussion among the visitors.

Go Fug Yourself-Top Celebrity Blogs
Loading... is mentioned at least once a week on the daytime television talk shows. Several television personalities seem to take the information that Radar Online posts as gospel. They almost never name their sources, but they do have a fairly positive track record when it comes to digging up accurate dirt on celebs and reporting it to the world. Celebrity Blogs

Perez Hilton is one of the most annoying bloggers around. Even though he is irritating, he is privy to lots of celebrity information. The blog,, is one of the top 10 websites in the world. The website features stories about celebrities, but what sets it apart from others is the fact that Hilton draws white squiggly lines on the photos he posts. Celebrity Blogs
Loading... is a mix of entertainment news and celebrity sightings. If a fan wants to know what hotel Rihanna left on a Friday night, chances are Just Jared will have that information posted. The website is known for posting exclusive photos of celebrities as they go about their daily routine. Celebrity Blogs


Dlisted blogs about celebrities on a daily basis. The website takes a bias, yet humorous approach to reporting celebrity news. The blogs reports the news, but the writers also have a tendency to poke fun at the celebs. Instead of calling Jennifer Lopez her real name, they'd call her JLo. Someone like Chris Brown would be called Fist Brown due to the Rihanna incident.

Dlisted-Top Celebrity Blogs
Loading... is one of the most popular celebrity websites. The website has a section for its magazine, daily articles, celebrity-written blogs, and a regular blog. People is one of the few sites that celebrities give exclusive details on happenings in their life - pregnancies, divorces, weddings, diagnosis, rehab stints and more. Celebrity Blogs



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