12 Hottest Bikini Pictures Of Popular Celebrities

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 7:05 am
By:Tony Williams

Hey, you look bored! Why not check these scorching hot celebrity bikini pictures?! Bikini is one of the hottest suits women wear. It allows men to see the 90% of a woman's body, but they only want to see the areas that are covered. Wow, how polite men really are?! Jokes aside, here are 12 sexy bikini pictures of top Hollywood stars that make you crave a connection right now! From Taylor Swift to Selena Gomez, the celebrity beauties are set to blow your mind with their searing hot looks and curvaceous bodies!
1.Paris Hilton

An heiress to the Hilton fortune, Paris Hilton is fortunate in more ways than wealth. Her tall, thin and toned body looks great in a bikini and anything else she wears. Some people just have it all, and this young woman seems to be one of them. Blonde, beautiful and rich, it's quite a combination.

Paris Hilton-12 Hottest Bikini Pictures Of Popular Celebrities

2.Jessica Biel

It's hard to believe that Jessica Biel played the daughter of a preacher. With those curves even the holiest of fathers couldn't keep her from showing them off. And that's what caused her problems on the television drama, 7th Heaven, where she played the oldest daughter of the Camden kids.

Jessica Biel-12 Hottest Bikini Pictures Of Popular Celebrities

3.Kendall Jenner

When did Kendall Jenner grow into such a beautiful and sexy young woman? At just eighteen years old, the reality show star may one day take over her half-sister Kim Kardashian's spot in the limelight. Daughter of Bruce and Kris Jenner, she is has a sister Kylie who is sixteen.

Kendall Jenner-12 Hottest Bikini Pictures Of Popular Celebrities

4.Taylor Swift

Tall, thin, blonde and blue eyed. Isn't that what we all secretly wish we looked like? For Taylor Swift that is her reality. The thin and toned starlet never looks bad in a bikini no matter what candid shot the paparazzi capture. The singer looks great in any style bathing suit. Taylor Swift's feet look adorable in this picture if you're a feet admirer.

Taylor Swift-12 Hottest Bikini Pictures Of Popular Celebrities

5.Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez knows how to move that body, and she can certainly wear a bikini like nobody's business. Curvy in all the right places, the singer, dancer, actor and singing competition judge, is never too busy to work out to keep her svelte figure. When you've got paparazzi capturing your every move, you've got to look good.

Jennifer Lopez-12 Hottest Bikini Pictures Of Popular Celebrities

6.Maria Menounos

Television host for Access Hollywood, Today and Extra, Maria Menounos is not all work. She likes to frolick at the beach like the rest of us. Only she looks amazing in her bikini, turning heads with every step. Of course the paparazzi captures every shot of her stunning body.

Maria Menounos-12 Hottest Bikini Pictures Of Popular Celebrities

7.Heidi Klum

When you're a model it seems you're required to have a great bikini body and Heidi Klum doesn't disappoint. One of the most successful models of our time, this Victoria Secret model now hosts Project Runway, looking for those to follow in her footsteps. but can anyone really fill her shoes ... or bikini?

Heidi Klum-12 Hottest Bikini Pictures Of Popular Celebrities

8.Olivia Wilde

The beautiful Olivia Wilde is known for her role on the hit television drama House. Under the lab coat lies a great bikini body, but not just pretty, she's a smart girl with great acting skills. Taking it to the big the screen, she starred in "Rush" and "In Time."

Olivia Wilde-12 Hottest Bikini Pictures Of Popular Celebrities

9.Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere became an American household name when she starred as a cheerleader with special powers, in the hit television show Heroes. She is now married and has continued to live in the limelight, portraying Juliette Barnes role in the TV series, Nashville. The 26-year-old TV personality looks sexy in a bikini! Doesn't she? We have to be a bit careful describing her body here because - you know - her husband is a heavyweight boxing world champion! The 40-year-old boxer madly loves his wife.

Hayden Panettiere-12 Hottest Bikini Pictures Of Popular Celebrities

10.Selena Gomez

It's hard to believe that Justin Bieber would be foolish enough to risk losing Selena Gomez. Her hot celebrity body looks amazing in a bikini and she is a role model for young girls everywhere. Slender, toned and tanned, the young starlet handles fame well for someone her early age. Did you know Selena Gomez has an astounding number of feet fetishist followers?

Selena Gomez-12 Hottest Bikini Pictures Of Popular Celebrities


Rihanna looks great in a bikini, no doubt about it. She has one of the best bikini bodies, parading around at beaches around the world. The young singer is known for her sexy attitude and for not be bashful about showing some skin. She got her start wearing next to nothing. Did you know Rihanna is quite popular in the feet fetishist community?

Rihanna-12 Hottest Bikini Pictures Of Popular Celebrities

12.Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is known for her curves, especially her infamous butt. After the birth of her baby daughter, North "Nori" West, Kim went into hiding, emerging with her figure back in tact. The paparazzi love capturing pictures of the reality show star, particularly at the beach. No stranger to the attention, Kim loves to dress skimpy to show off her body. Did you know Kim Kardashian is very famous among feet fetishist

Kim Kardashian-12 Hottest Bikini Pictures Of Popular Celebrities



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