12 Celebrities With Shocking Criminal Past

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 7:01 am
By:Tony Williams

Before making a star your role model, ensure that he or she is not on this list! This topic discusses the shady past of celebrities who spent time in prison or doing community service. If you think the reason for the arrest of these celebs was illegal drug possession, you are wrong. Oh yes, we agree that many celebs love drugs as much as we all love pizza, but some of these stars have committed far shocking crimes than smoking pot or snorting coke! With all due respect to their behavioral change and professional achievements, let us shed some light on these 12 celebrities' criminal past.
1.Jay Z

Jay Z with a massive net worth of $610 Million, is of course a massive star, but in the 1990s he actually stabbed a record executive and received three years probation. He stabbed him as he thought he was illegally pirating his stuff, but surely now it would be more about a lawsuit rather than stabbing him? Oh how times have changed.

Jay Z-12 Celebrities With  Shocking Criminal Past

2.Halle Berry

Halle Berry has also had a run with her 6 toes(pun intended) in with the law as she was convicted of a hit and run then fleeing the scene. This led to her having to do 250 hours community service and she did say how it completely changed her life around and made her dedicate herself to doing what she could to help others. 

Halle Berry-12 Celebrities With  Shocking Criminal Past

3.Chuck Berry

The story with Chuck is interesting as he was caught videotaping women in a bathroom including minors but charged with possession of drugs instead. The drugs charge came from something on the video, but he used it to get out of being charged with more serious offences, so he was certainly clever in that respect.

Chuck Berry-12 Celebrities With  Shocking Criminal Past

4.James Brown

He may have had a persona as being a cool guy, but in all honesty James Brown was arrested for domestic violence on multiple occasions. It turns out that behind closed doors he was not as cool as the public thought as James had a short fuse leading to him lashing out and beating his wife on a regular basis.

James Brown-12 Celebrities With  Shocking Criminal Past

5.Marlo Hampton

OK so she lives a wonderful life now, but it has not always been that way. Instead, she has been arrested for things such as assaulting a police officer, probation violation, fraud, and domestic violence and that is quite an impressive rap sheet. However, she does not hide from it and addresses the issues on a regular basis, so at least she has changed as surely that is the main thing?

Marlo Hampton-12 Celebrities With  Shocking Criminal Past

6.Tim Allen

Does "Buzz Lightyear" really have a criminal history? We hate to say yes, but we have to. Michigan police arrested Tim Allen on October 12, 1978, for possession of 1.43 lb (650 grams) of cocaine. He pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges. He could have received life incarceration as punishment, but he shared the names of the key members of the cartel in exchange for a lesser sentence. The judge sentenced him to four years in prison. Tim Allen had spent two years and four months in jail before being released on parole in 1981. In 1997, Michigan police once again arrested Tim, but this time on the charges of DUI. Court sentenced him to one-year probation. 

Tim Allen-12 Celebrities With  Shocking Criminal Past

7.Dr Dre

The fact that a rapper has a criminal history is not the biggest surprise that you will come across today. However, The $700 Million net worth rapper Dr Dre was convicted of assault leading to him being fined and having to do a spot of community service. In all honesty this is small stuff compared to some of the other musicians out there, but he is perhaps not as clean cut as his image is made out to be.

Dr Dre-12 Celebrities With  Shocking Criminal Past


8.Wynonna Judd

Wynonna is a big personality, but she has also had to do 200 hours of community service due to DUI. This is something that she has repeatedly said she regrets, but at least she did her time and it could have been a lot worse for her if lady luck had been against her.

Wynonna Judd-12 Celebrities With  Shocking Criminal Past

9.Mark Wahlberg

When he was younger, and before he was famous, The $225 Million net worth actor Mark Wahlberg had been charged with attempted murder and says it was when he was in his prison cell that he changed his life around. There is no doubt that it did indeed happen, but since then he has been out of trouble as much as possible and has built a successful career.

Mark Wahlberg-12 Celebrities With  Shocking Criminal Past


10.Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr must be glad that he is famous as it does allow him to piece together what he was doing in the 90s. During that time he had major drugs issues leading to 3 years in prison for failing to go to a drug test although he only served one. Since then he has got his life back on track, so at least it did help him out in the long run.

Robert Downey Jr-12 Celebrities With  Shocking Criminal Past

11.Mike Tyson

Mike was once seen as being the baddest man on the face of the earth, but ultimately his downfall was when he was convicted of rape and sentenced to six years in prison. It did come as a bit of a shock when it happened, but he said he then found God and a whole host of other things, but was never quite the same after it.

Mike Tyson-12 Celebrities With  Shocking Criminal Past


12.Yasmine Bleeth

There is more to Yasmine than just a pretty face because in actual fact she was charged with cocaine possession and driving with drugs leading to two years probation and 100 hours community service. She has had a few problems with drugs in the past, but that was probably a big enough shock to her system.

Yasmine Bleeth-12 Celebrities With  Shocking Criminal Past



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