12 Famous Celebrities And Their Stripper Names

Tuesday, Mar 23, 2021, 9:39 am
By:James Fraser

Did you know a lot of celebrities had worked as strippers before they became famous? They had to do that because they were in dire need of money. Since many of our celebs didn't have strong academic background and were gifted with good looks, they found no better way than being an exotic dancer to make some easy money. Stars like Courtney Love used the money they got by stripping to finance their ambitious music projects! This topic particularly discusses the stripper names celebs used while they were stripping. Go through the list, and get to know 12 Hollywood celebrities and their famous stripper names.
10.Cardi B's Stripper Name

Cardi B, born Belcalis Almanzar, is a 24-year-old American internet personality who rose to prominence in the recent years. Her recent songs are a good indication that Cardi B is set to become one of the famous female rappers in the United States. Cardi B was a stripper once, and she openly discussed it on numerous occasions. Cardi B's stripper name is Cardi B, and she chose to retain that as her stage name. Friends and family members of Cardi B used to call her Bacardi back when she was a little girl. The moniker Cardi B was stemmed out from her childhood nickname, Bacardi. 

Cardi B's Stripper Name-12 Famous Celebrities And Their Stripper Names

11.Triana's Stripper Name

Triana, born Katrina Laverne Taylor, is yet another stripper-turned-musician. More than her music, she is best known for her relationship with top rappers like Lil Wayne. Triana started off as an exotic dancer, and she was known by the names, "Diamond Princess," and "Queen of Miami," among the Miami strip circles. She has come a long way since her stripping days, as the 38-year-old is now a notable singer, actress, television personality, and successful entrepreneur. 

Triana's Stripper Name-12 Famous Celebrities And Their Stripper Names

12.Channing Tatum's Stripper Name

Famous American actor and dancer, Channing Tatum was a real life Magic Mike XXL! He worked as a male stripper when he was around 18 years old in an attempt to make some side money. Tatum revealed that he made up to $150 a day giving lap dances to older women, which according to him, wasn't a pleasant experience at all! He once told his fans how he was troubled by an old lady who wouldn't stop telling him that he looked like her nephew, caressing his naked butts! By the way, Channing Tatum's stripper name was Chan Crawford.

Channing Tatum's Stripper Name-12 Famous Celebrities And Their Stripper Names