12 Celebrities Who Have Been Shot And Lived

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 9:07 am
By:Tony Williams

Sometimes, it's good to be an ordinary person with no fame or big money. You know, no one's going to chase you down with a gun in their hand! Unfortunately, celebs have been a target of criminals from a very long time. Professional feuds, shady business deals, friendship with drug lords or criminals are some of the reasons why stars put themselves in trouble. What you are about to read now are the shocking stories of 12 celebrities who were once shot but lived. Unfortunately, a few stars like Tupac Shakur weren't lucky enough to survive a gun ambush for the second time.

#10 Kelly Preston

We all know Kelly Preston as John Travolta's loving wife, but there's a surprising name on the list of her ex-boyfriends that many of the current generation kids didn't know! Kelly dated the infamous Hollywood bad boy, Charlie Sheen, in the early 90s. While the couple was in a hotel room, Kelly Preston was shot in the arm when Sheen's gun accidentally fell out of his coat's pocket and fired itself in a way that you only see in Michael Bay's films! Although the story doesn't sound convincing, both Kelly and Charlie have repeatedly called the whole thing an accident.

Kelly Preston-12 Celebrities Who Have Been Shot And Lived