12 Celebrities Who Have Been Shot And Lived

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 9:07 am
By:Tony Williams

Sometimes, it's good to be an ordinary person with no fame or big money. You know, no one's going to chase you down with a gun in their hand! Unfortunately, celebs have been a target of criminals from a very long time. Professional feuds, shady business deals, friendship with drug lords or criminals are some of the reasons why stars put themselves in trouble. What you are about to read now are the shocking stories of 12 celebrities who were once shot but lived. Unfortunately, a few stars like Tupac Shakur weren't lucky enough to survive a gun ambush for the second time.
1.Curly Howard

Who can forget Curly Howard from the Three Stooges. Well, he was another young victim of an accidental self-shooting. At just twelve years old, he was cleaning a rifle and shot himself by accident, hitting his ankle. His brother Moe rushed him to the hospital. Moe and Curly went on to star in The Three Stooges together.

Curly Howard-12 Celebrities Who Have Been Shot And Lived

2.Isaiah Washington

Before he was on Grey's Anatomy, he was in a real hospital suffering from a gunshot wound. The actor was a teenager with an apparently big mouth, who admits he most like mouthed off to the wrong person and ended up getting shot. No permanent damage was suffered and he went on to develop a great career.

Isaiah Washington-12 Celebrities Who Have Been Shot And Lived

3.Kelly Preston

We all know Kelly Preston as John Travolta's loving wife, but there's a surprising name on the list of her ex-boyfriends that many of the current generation kids didn't know! Kelly dated the infamous Hollywood bad boy, Charlie Sheen, in the early 90s. While the couple was in a hotel room, Kelly Preston was shot in the arm when Sheen's gun accidentally fell out of his coat's pocket and fired itself in a way that you only see in Michael Bay's films! Although the story doesn't sound convincing, both Kelly and Charlie have repeatedly called the whole thing an accident.

Kelly Preston-12 Celebrities Who Have Been Shot And Lived

4.Vanilla Ice

During a street fight, Vanilla Ice was shot and wounded by the bullet. He went on to attain major success in the 80's, but always lived a life on the wild side. The white rapper was the first of his kind and ruffled some feathers along the way, stirring racial debates. Did you know Vanilla Ice used to assault his wife

Vanilla Ice-12 Celebrities Who Have Been Shot And Lived

5.Andy Warhol

Famous Autistic artist Andy Warhol was shot in 1968 by a crazed radical feminist. He lived to tell about it, but was shocked that someone would want to kill him. Valeria Solanas was arrested the next day and claimed she shot Warhol because he had too much control over her life.

Andy Warhol-12 Celebrities Who Have Been Shot And Lived

6.Lil Wayne

At just twelve years old, Lil Wayne shot himself by accident with a handgun that belonged to someone who had visited his home and had left it behind. Playing with it, The now $150 million net worth hip-hop artist Lil Wayne shot himself and then called 911 when he saw all the blood that he was losing. An off duty police officer kicked down the door and took him to the hospital. Do you know the meaning behind Lil Wayne's tattoos?

Lil Wayne-12 Celebrities Who Have Been Shot And Lived

7.Tupac Shakur

Tupac was shot five times in the lobby of Quad Recording Studios in New York. He was then robbed by the two men. The rapper survived, but two years later was killed by multiple bullet wounds resulting from a drive by shooting in Las Vegas. He died six days later. Did you know there is a college course dedicated to Tupac Shakur?   

Tupac Shakur-12 Celebrities Who Have Been Shot And Lived


8.Suge Knight

Suge Knight was shot in the right leg at the Shore Club in Miami, during a party for Kanye West. The co-founder and CEO Records claimed that he was shot, but rumors erupted that he shot himself. Witnesses verified that he was indeed shot, and the rapper survived the incident.

Suge Knight-12 Celebrities Who Have Been Shot And Lived

9.Bob Marley

Bob Marley, his wife and manager were all shot inside Marley's own home by unknown gunmen, leaving his wife and manager in serious condition, while Marley suffered minor woulds to the chest and to his arm. He survived the incident and was able to perform on stage only two days later. Did you know Bob Marley is a mixed raced child?  

Bob Marley-12 Celebrities Who Have Been Shot And Lived


10.Larry Flynt

Hustler founder, Larry Flynt, was shot in March of 1976, by a white supremacist. He suffered permanent spinal cord damage and was left paralyzed from the waist down. The wheelchair bound Flynt had an interracial photo shoot in his magazine that set off the shooter, who was outraged by what he saw.

Larry Flynt-12 Celebrities Who Have Been Shot And Lived

11.Peter Fonda

Peter Fonda was just eleven years old when he accidentally shot himself in the stomach. It was his birthday and he didn't live to see twelve. Claiming to know what it's like to be dead, Fonda was admitted to Nainital and remained there for months until he made a complete recovery.

Peter Fonda-12 Celebrities Who Have Been Shot And Lived


12.50 Cent

Almost fourteen years ago, The Multi million net worth rapper 50 Cent was attacked outside of his grandmother's home when she lived in Queens. The gunman shot him nine times, but he survived and lived to tell the tale. The bullets missed major organs and arteries by some miracle, that might be attributed to his grandmother's love. Did you know 50 Cent once spent time in prison?

50 Cent-12 Celebrities Who Have Been Shot And Lived



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