Best Selling Music Artists Worldwide

Thursday, Aug 12, 2021, 7:23 pm
By:Tony Williams


When it was announced that the Eagles were going to reform it did lead to an increase in awareness of them and also brought in new fans. However, they were already hugely popular and that helped them to generate album sales of around 125.8 million during their career.

Eagles-Best Selling Music Artists Worldwide


Who has not heard of ACDC? They are one of the biggest rock bands to have ever existed and they are still rocking it out even today after decades of being in the business. They have generated album sales of 108.7 million and even their latest album still reached number one showing how their popularity has not diminished.

ACDC-Best Selling Music Artists Worldwide

3.Whitney Houston

Who can ever forget the voice of Whitney Houston? When she came onto the scene everybody just stopped in their tracks and wondered what they were listening to. She then became hugely popular and this means she has generated album sales of 110.2 million across the world.

Whitney Houston-Best Selling Music Artists Worldwide


4.Pink Floyd

When it comes to progressive rock, then there is no band bigger than Pink Floyd. They really were so, so popular in the late 70s and into the 80s that it helped them to make sales of 114.1 million, but they still have a huge number of fans even today.

Pink Floyd-Best Selling Music Artists Worldwide

5.Celine Dion

Celine Dion was responsible for some of the biggest songs in the last twenty years as you only have to think of the movie Titanic and you automatically hear her singing in the background. This has led to her generating sales of 120.4 million and it helps to make her one of the biggest selling artists in the world.

Celine Dion-Best Selling Music Artists Worldwide

6.Mariah Carey

During the 1990s it was Mariah Carey that really did burst onto the scene and she has continued to be in the limelight ever since. Her popularity across the world has led to album sales of 128.2 million as people love the notes she can reach.

Mariah Carey-Best Selling Music Artists Worldwide

7.Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin have been cool for decades and remain so today and that is why they have managed to amass record sales of 137.1 million during their career. They have to be one of the most famous bands in the world and are certainly one of the best.

Led Zeppelin-Best Selling Music Artists Worldwide

8.Elton John

Elton John has been loved by millions for decades and this has helped him to conjure up album sales of 158.9 million across the world. He has had so many hit songs and his concerts still sell out in record time, so it is reasonable to think that he will break through that 160 million barrier soon.

Elton John-Best Selling Music Artists Worldwide


Madonna is the biggest selling female artist of all time with sales approaching 164.3 million. She keeps re-inventing herself and this has meant that she has been able to stay at the top of her game for quite some time and each album is brought out with a great deal of fanfare as people wait to listen to her new sound.

Madonna-Best Selling Music Artists Worldwide

10.Michael Jackson

In the 1980s nobody could touch Michael Jackson when it came to music sales and this has led to him selling an impressive 169.7 million albums across the world. He may be dead, but his music will continue to live on and new fans will find out how good he really was at one point.

Michael Jackson-Best Selling Music Artists Worldwide


When it comes to the biggest selling solo artist of all time, then Elvis really is the King with sales of over 206.7 million. Like The Beatles he is still selling even though he has been dead for decades, so those figures will continue to grow as more people enjoy listening to his music.

Elvis-Best Selling Music Artists Worldwide

12.The Beatles

It probably comes as no surprise to discover that The Beatles have sold the most number of records in the entire world. The official figure is in the region of 257.6 million, but even that does sound a little bit low for them as you would have expected it to be higher. They are still selling them so will remain at number one for some time.

The Beatles-Best Selling Music Artists Worldwide



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